Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My apologies on The Giveaway Winners

Ladies I made a mistake on the large Giveaway

I just received an email from one of the winners that I originally put down as
a winner when I posted, but later changed it
I checked and she is not in my email contact list
unless some how under a different name possibly?

There are so many bloggers that inform me they pass
those on by if there is no method to contact them

So I made it right for her and want to announce this here on my blog
all winners contacted on Monday won but we now have another winner as well
I purchased a mouse from Wendy and as soon as I get your address
Joyce I will have Wendy send it to you

The Winner of the extra prize is Joyce of all Things Prim and Country

And while I am here I want to suggest to you all 
When you sign up for a giveaway please PLEASE 
remember to leave in your comment a method to contact you

or you can enable your email on your profile 
This morning I noticed Donna over at 
put together a post just to let you know how to enable your email

On a large giveaway like we just wrapped up, we tend to attempt to
tie up all loose ends and get the winners addresses to those donating prizes
I had to get back to work I am so sorry Joyce
your prize will ship out as soon as you reply with an address

I always like to and will be fair to all of my readers and there are many 
here that can stand behind me on that

Thank you ALL for signing up and participating following and sharing
me online


  1. Enjoy your day is truly a super sweet mouse..
    I am keep on looking at him ..cuteeeeee
    Hugs xx

  2. Brenda~ Yep only human sweetie mistakes get made.I know you are so generous and honest don't let it worry you..Plus you do always point out on your giveaways that you must be able to reach us by email.Thanks again for hosting! Hugs~Amy

  3. Hello!
    I followed the website on changing the "no-reply" thing! She felt my pain! The other directions didn't match up! So, I did it. Can someone tell me if I am a "no-reply" person or not?

    Oh, and Brenda, YOU ROCK! That is all there is to it!!! :)


  4. I have problems with mine.
    I have my email linked to my account but I have gotten a few messages from my blogging buddies that I so up as a no reply blogger.

    I have went it and checked over and over. It's there. Linked. But yet for some reason sometimes it doesn't show up.
    It drives me nuts.

    Your so sweet Brenda to go in and purchase the mouse for her.
    And what an adorable creations by Wendy.

  5. Brenda - You put so much time and effort into this giveaway, and we can all understand why you didn't want to track down a no-reply blogger. I've had the same problem many times, and will encourage everyone to check their settings so no more problems occur in the future. Joyce, your mouse will be on it's way as soon as possible.
    Thanks again Brenda!

  6. Sometimes these things happen and is no fault of our own. Brenda we all know how kind and generous you are so don't worry about it. I believe when a person signs up for something it is their responsibility to provide you with the contact info. You did a wonderful job putting the giveaway together!
    Happy to have been part of it.

  7. What a sweet and generous thing to do Bren....but didn't I tell you this was a nutty crazy giveaway?? (Ok...just kidding...but you know me - HAD to say it!) ;o) That "no-reply" has gotten the better of me several times....I don't often have time to respond to comments, but when I do, and type away and hit "send" only to find out THEN it's a no-replyer, I want to pound my beak against a stone wall. :o) Robin


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