Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet Swap Goodies from Michelle

Good Morning
I recently did a Swap with Michelle of 

 She sent me a Ticking Stocking
A Sweet little wool stocking ornament

Two  wonderful Penny Rugs
Some graters for creating and some wood blocks
And a Bunch of Dough ornies she had done
Which were half broken

*darn postal system!!*
Yes it is that time of the year, they get so busy they throw boxes around
Makes me wish I could hand deliver all of my boxes
*Yep just jump on my Broom and ride around the world*
WAIT my heated sleigh ........... gee what am I thinking it is already getting 
cold up North, and it appears someone up North is attempting to blow
that stuff south............PLEASE STOP!! has been in the low 80's
and 70's and I could live with that weather year round!! 

Just a Tease of next week's Ornament, I forgot to mention in my Giveaway post that, my weekly ornament giveaways will start every  Monday and end on Sunday evening with me drawing a winner out on the next Monday morning and then posting the next ornament to be given away. Just thought I would throw that in there IF you missed Week One of my giveaway it is HERE so jump over and get signed up, so that when you comment on next week's Ornament it will give you two chances. I have had a great response to the joint giveaway that will begin on November the 12th. BUT I am looking for more, so if you would like to join in and donate a Handmade Ornament be sure to contact me, you can find that email link in my sidebar, or simply respond with a comment. One winner that week will win hopefully a Tree full of handmade ornaments
Well my work does not seem to be jumping off my table with out my help
and if it did......I would be worried, I mean after all it is suppose to be that creepy
time of the year huh
So I suppose it is time for me to finish this cup of coffee and get my rear in gear

Ladies the snoozies I got were from our Farm supply store here, called Atwoods, there are Atwoods all over, but just in case you do not have one in your neighborhood, or neck of the woods if you are like me and live in Rural Life, it seems you could look them up I believe Atwoods has a web site? They had them in bandana print too. I told hubby I am going get me a couple more pairs so when these wear out. I will have a back up Smile........Have a Wonderful day 


  1. Good morning!
    Love the goodies from Michelle! I have some of her penny rugs too ;)
    Chilly, willy morning here! 22 degrees. Need to go to town to do errands......might have to jump start my broom! Think I'll wait till it warms up a bit. So not ready for these temps yet.
    I might have to check out our farm store and see if they have Snoozies. They look so warm and cozy!
    Have a great day~

  2. Hello Brenda....what wonderful swap goodies you got there......sweet penny rugs, stocking and to bad about the ornies.....Have a cozy day.... Blessings Francine.

  3. hello so lucky..yummyy goodies you received..
    have a lovely day xxx

  4. Wonderful goodies for a swap, fun to have things from friends, to decorate with.


  5. Just a fast comment about Atwoods..They have the best lip balm called...Chicken Poop!!! Love it.(and your post

  6. Lovin all your goodies Miss Brenda!!

    Enjoy your day~Becky

  7. Sweet goodies from Michelle....But sweeter yet is the thought of my toesies in some of those warm slippers. It's down right COLD here. Ahhh, but alas - no Atwoods here. :o( Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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