Thursday, October 25, 2012

They say it was a Gateway Issue?

Oh my word ended my day with an eventful evening

As most know I recently changed my internet service
*Now that is a story all it's own

So last night I loose internet????
I called I should of known after 20 minutes on hold!!!!!!!!! SIGH
that it was an issue, the gal told me it was something about loosing a gateway!!
this begin at like 5 pm and at 11 pm last night I still had no service UGH

Get up this morning and attempt to open everything on my computer and good GRIEF

it appears I had a total of 108 emails yesterday
yes when it came on it was loading all of the emails I got yesterday all over again,

and so they were all reloading, it would get to about 79 and time out
and then attempt to reload 108 messages AGAIN
YEP did it several times 

So I walked away when I came back and it finally did it right
I had 363 emails, yes I had many duplicates LOL

This message is to inform you if you emailed and they were real important
they are gone now, so if you have not heard from me for an email you sent
send me another one!!
So to wrap this up, I can not respond to you, from yesterday
because this old head was overwhelmed *smile*
and I opted to delete, delete and delete more!!

I am now on my second pot of coffee, Yes I should be
bouncing off the walls soon 

Time to get to work
have a wonderful day


  1. Hoping today will be a better one for you Brenda. I hate internet problems. So frustrating. Have fun creating and have a wonderful weekend

  2. sending you lots of love deary...
    have a lovely day xxx

  3. Sit back and put youir feet up for abit...relax.....Today will be better.....Blessings Francine.

  4. Oh no, technology!! Hope
    today is a little
    less eventful.

  5. Wow, if that happened to me I'd crawl back into bed! Hang in there my friend.

  6. Oh dear, don't you hate having issues with the internet!! Whenever mine is down I get into instant panic mode! lol That's so weird that your email got so screwed up but I don't blame you for just deleting everything, I would have too! lol Hopefully it will all work well from now on. xox

  7. What a mess! Did you ever consider moving? I know it must be frustrating, sweet girl! I hope you've had a better day today and no duplications! Sweet hugs...sweet hugs! I'll give double hugs!

  8. Oh my Brenda..computers gives me headaches LOL. I emailed you. SIgn me up for the ornie giveaway. Just cynzplace though. Thanks.

  9. Oh man, just what you DID NOT need you busy lady. It's a good thing you bounce back so well. Only the strong survive huh... lol.

  10. Arghhhh...Nothing (ok - almost nothing) makes me crankier than computer issues - especially when I KNOW it's "their" issue, not mine, and I'm forced to do gymnastics and techy motherboard inspections to prove it's their issue all the while holding a phone on hold in one hand. :o((( Hope it's nothing but an ugly memory by now.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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