Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is it Halloween? Or Christmas?

No it is still SUMMER!!
But it won't be long, are all of you yearning for Fall
For that crisp fresh Fall air and The colorful season?

Again another plan gone down the drain *sigh*
But at least I am catching up some
Totally confused these days, Halloween items, Christmas Items??

And lots of a Americana flying around here??

It is not an easy task finding these old rusty funnels and this one is a great one!

Jumping back over to my work table
SO much to get done TODAY!
wishing you all a wonderful day


  1. Cute creations Brenda!!!
    I'm working on pumpkin heads today!
    Hope you have a wonderful and creative day!
    Prim Blessings

  2. I've been doing some simple little pumpkins too, because my garden is full of them, so it is time to do the fall stuff and just mull about what to make for Christmas. I know your work is going well, your things are really good. Good luck with the funnels, they must be collectibles now.

  3. I just pulled out a lot of my old patterns that I downloaded, time to clean and reorganize, now if I can find the time. How big are the hats you use, I do have some old straw ones, used to do more regular crafts so need to start going through everything.



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