Monday, August 13, 2012

Never Plan because it just never works

Good Monday Morning
I was suppose to be on here on the weekend with pictures of my girls the following picture will bare the ugly truth
my girls did not get their baths before going to the vet on Saturday :(
POOR neglected babies!
Just look at those dirty faces
And those hair cuts *smile*
Their backs are done and sides but not the legs or heads!!
And they can't be that neglected, Shelby is now on a diet
Well..........not a diet but less snacks she is at her max weight
And she feels deprived not getting as much as she normally does!

This is what they should look like!
And will, I have got to get them into a groomers, it is just sad that
I have to travel an hour to do that!!
I will never take them back to the one that screams at them again!

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from 
She had some supplies she was getting rid of and asked if I would like them
Well.......I insisted that we swap something for them

Wow it was like Christmas on Saturday when I opened this box
Wonderful home spuns, pips and sweet other goodies
I CAN NOT get home spuns here or even near by the quilt shop
does not carry them, when you ask them about home spuns 
they say *What are those*??? oh my!

Thank you Kerri so much I am so thrilled and I needed them so badly!

In other news I am one busy gal so I am sorry I am not keeping up with the 
blogging lately
Fall will soon be here, I will be listing more goodies in my Etsy shop
this evening. Yes the Scarecrow on the funnel is almost finished as
well as a new witch and some little items

Be sure and check out my
15% Off Sale

And don't forget on the 17th this Friday I will have a fast all day giveaway
to celebrate my blog anniversary
Now it is time to empty my oven and load another batch of goodies to dry
Have a wonderful week


  1. I'd love to live out like you do. But there's something to be said for having a vet and groomer not more than four blocks down the road!

  2. The "girls" are sooooo cute dirty or not Brenda. I don't know how you get all done that you do girl. What is your secret?


  3. I love to see pictures of your girls even when they are looking "neglected"

  4. You've heard the saying...if you want to hear God laugh...tell him your plans! I truly believe this! Lucy is a mess too. I've taken her to a groomer twice and really liked her. However now..after going to doggy camp,while we were on vacation..the boarder said she has a yeast infection in her ears, as they hadn't been plucked! Never heard of such a thing! So much to learn about small white dogs! Now we need a trip to the vet! Ugh! Where oh where is that money tree?

  5. They are so cute!!! I love it when my two schnauzers start to get bushy, my little guy will get kinda wavy on the top of his head but his poor momma her hair is so thick they shave her entire chest to keep her cool.

  6. The pups still look adorable even a little scruffy. I know what you mean though my babies both needs baths because we finally got rain here on the farm. I have never had a white dog before and looking at my Daisy I don't know if she will ever be white again.

  7. I like them all fluffy, they are too cute, lol.
    Very nice box of surprises. I need to regift craft items myself, time to clean up.


  8. Adorable pups!! Lot's of nice homespun to keep you busier. Hope the last of your summer is going well. Blessings~Sara

  9. Just love them pupper pictures!! Bless their hearts!

  10. What a lovely parcel you received. I want to pat your dogs they are so lovely.

  11. They don't look dirty to me!
    I recently discovered Calico Rabbit. Beautiful blog and lovely items you got there.



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