Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Shelf! And check out this blog

Let me share with you the BIG shelving unit
apparently these were at one time maybe displays in a store
The glass doors on them pull up from the bottom and slide into the top
they are over three foot wide, four together stack at over 6 foot high
**What is it with people that spray paint over rust and do not tape off glass?**

Well I did it............yep little old me!!
This is only three sections I have another that should go on top of this
~~~ DARN these things are HEAVY~~~
And I ONLY got one HUGE bruise out of the deal

So now there are five setting on my back porch!
My intentions were to put these in my 
are your ready??
SOMEDAY studio that dreaded little building that I can not for the life of
me get set up and fixed into my work room!!!
It is full of Junk...........
I want to stack two and then leave about 6 foot and stack two more
and place a counter top over them for a work space to sit at
Then hang the other four above that space on the wall
ANY how 

I was in one of those gotta do something or pull my hair out moods yesterday
My junked up little kitchen that is about 14 by 14 foot in size
*did I mention it is an eat in kitchen NO dining room!!*
{We eat on TV trays!!}

it is my studio / kitchen
I have to move Mountains too prepare a Meal
In hopes that no fuzz or paint etc, may make it's way into my food!!

And then after eating I have to again MOVE those darn mountains
so I can prepare it to work in

Now let me explain this building is a 10 x 20 building
And my dream is to share it with NOBODY!! just mine

It is piled high with so much junk you can't hardly get in it!!
the problem is finding a place for all of this stuff!
I vote we sell and buy a larger place LOL

But since that is out of the question
yes the one thing that would make me Happy will never happen
I am those shelves are now blocking one of my windows
But at least it serves the purpose of holding some supplies so I could
empty off my overloaded table and remove the leaf from it to gain more room
Woe is me?? SOMEDAY!!

So here I am yet again struggling to make Do with what I have
*But God is Good and life is wonderful*
and that my dear friends is what it is about
Making do and finding a way to make it all work!!

NOW on to a much sweeter part of this otherwise boring post
Heather featured me on her blog

heather started her blog in July so go on over and follow along

She Loves to go to fleas markets and garage sales
Oh how I enjoy my online friends without you I would be miserable
I keep praying that someday I may meet someone close to me that
enjoys the same things I do, someone to spend time with
But for now

I am MAKING do with my blessings and enjoying what I love to do
I hope you enjoy what you Love to do Today


  1. Woah! They look heavy, but AWESOME!

    We have a dining room but don't eat in it. We don't have the valid excuse of my crafting. We just don't sit there because there are only two of us. My dog would sit there if she could. I love the possibilities of your shed!

    Thank you for the shout! I hope to meet my new friends someday. A big old shopping trip would be nice, don't you think?


  2. Love those shelves. I am envious of your building! We are wanting to get one for our "extra stuff" too. I was planning on setting up a craft area in it too. Hope you get it all worked out soon. Will head over and check out the new blog. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Wonderful shelves! So nice to be able to tuck things in them but still be able to see what you have through the glass. It's amazing the wonderful things you create in your tiny space. I can understand how you must get frustrated clearing things up and then putting it all back. Would it be possible to save up your craft sales money and buy yourself a new shed instead of hoping to clear out the nice one you already have? (or get another one for the stuff and move into this one?) Some of the big box hardware stores have sales at the end of summer. Or places that sell those big wooden swing sets and sheds sometimes have sales on their display models?or check Craigs list for someone needing to get rid of one? I hope some solution comes along to make you craft work more enjoyable for you.

  4. Love the Shelves. My dining room table is my work center, Lol! It is a big table that seats 6 and it is piled high full of supplies, paint, patterns, etc...and my kids informed me that it hasn't been cleaned off in 2 years and they have to eat in their rooms or the living room. They told me just to get rid of my junk! If only I could win the lottery and have my own little studio. I feel your frustrations my friend. I hope you have a wonderful day and I Love all your new creations! Happy Creating!!!

  5. I am always on the look out for good furniture that I can store things in, lol. I think it will be nice to have your own space, I have seen people who have small areas and really turn them into amazing craft rooms, it will be fun for you to figure it out and create a space just for you.


  6. some day you'll get it all fixed the way you want it and then you'll be too old to feel like working LOL.


  7. Hello Brenda, great shelves, will be wonderful for holding many craft goodies. Will check out the blog, love the picture of all the enemal, wow!!!! Blessings Francine.

  8. I'm on board with everyone else, love them! Keep the faith, your dreams will become a reality one of these days. Fingers are crossed that for your sake, it's soon!

  9. You always amaze me...and always find a way to make things work! I know you are busy and have lots going on right now! Sending you some sweet hugs!

  10. I can't believe you create such wonderful, beautiful things in your kitchen, I am amazed by you Brenda! Love the shelves and I just know one day the shed WILL BE YOURS!!
    Be blessed,

  11. Looks good. Nothing like being organized! Hope you have a blessed week! Blessings, Laura

  12. Great shelving and storage, Brenda....and I so feel your pain. Hubby says it doesn't matter how big of a house I have, I'd fill it up. Maybe so, but I'd have a heck of a fun time doing it. For now, I just wish I didn't have to move mountains just to get my sewing machine out. :o Glad to see you found Heather....she's a sweetie. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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