Sunday, May 20, 2012


Good Morning Friends

Cool front has moved in and it is so nice out this morning
Hubby went fishing and I am doing laundry
Working hard to prepare for my online special Blog sale in June

The pile is high and I have some wonderful items I will be offering
But remember the only way to purchase these items is to shop the blog sale
So if you have not signed up you need to do so by emailing me with
*Sale* in the subject line, it is by invitation only
~~ Note in the past I have sent out an email to everyone on my newsletter list~~
This time it will only go to those signed up, so get your request in!

I was melting some tarts this morning and reminiscing
*Yes insert sobby sad story here*
A few years back at this time I was frantically
working to put together inventory to open my store in Texas
~~ Oh I miss my store ~~
I had a wonderful friend who made tarts and bath and body products
I MISS you Tracy!!
Any how the hottest selling scent was one called
*Orange Vanilla Buttercream*  

Well I was at WalMart's on Friday and look what I found
A new scent in their tarts and oh my word it is GREAT
Not as good as Tracy's were by any means, but so close to the scent
I purchased several *I should of bought all they had!*

This triggered my emotional senses and yep I have been sobbing
in my coffee, well in a sweet way.....I do miss my store
And I do miss Texas!

I deleted all of the photos I had but found this one going through my
blog posts this morning. We opened my store on June 19th and it is
One of the sweetest memories I have
 ok enough of the mushy stuff!!

Be sure to sign up for my May Giveaway
Jump over to this post  and sign up by the last day of May

I will be offering Three giveaways on my Special Blog sale

Have a Wonderful Sunday


  1. Good Morning Brenda~

    It was lovely visiting with you this morning. Looking forward to your sale.

    Enjoy your week~Becky

  2. Sometimes we just have to walk down memory lane and remember! When we are sensitive souls...we can help but feel melancholy at times. BUT A SALE! I can't wait! I'll be checking my emails! lol Enjoy your day...I'm doing laundry, too! Hugs!

  3. Isn't it funny how certain things can trigger our memories? Smells, songs, places??? Our senses are an amazing thing. Your store looked really cute! I am so excited for your blog sale! I hope I will have enough money saved up to buy something!
    Have a great day!
    Be blessed!

  4. dont give up your memories Brenda,no one can take them from you and its ok to get mushy too.


  5. Ahhhh...happiest of Sundays to you as well my friend. We had some pleasant (i.e., hot) weather the past two days, but the winds were horrendous....Today, it is cooler - and even windier (if that is possible), and my weather radio is going off every other minute with a new warning. The joys of spring and summer in Nod..... Your store looked like it was an amazing place....Like Dr. Seuss said....don't be sad that it's over; be glad it happened. Perhaps there will be another store yet in your life..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Hi Brenda, how awesome that you had a store. When new things happen in my life, I just say it is another chapter in my life. I hope this can be a wonderful memory for you. hugs, Lecia

  7. It is good to have such sweet memories, but as my favorite author says---Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.---Dr. Seuss

  8. Have to giggle because while in Walmart I sniffed those tarts and thought of you last week.(Remembered how you love orange scents)I ordered some oil to make some.They do smell yummy.Looking forward to seeing your offerings.Hugs!~Amy

  9. Such bittersweet memories, funny how certain smells bring back those memories. Bet your blog sale will be great!!

  10. Nothing like our treasured memories.
    I love that scent and the tarts.
    Good price too.
    Sending you a hug

  11. Treasure those memories..Love your header

  12. Brenda, those are wonderful memories to keep and reminisce, and it's okay to cry. Plus, think of all the happiness you're bringing folks now with your wonderful creations, and your friendship :o) You're a good gal and we all love you!

  13. I mentioned YOU on my blog this morning! Visit when you can! Hugs!

  14. It's amazing how one smell can bring back memories so quick. I am glad they were good ones. -Steph-


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