Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My ReOrganized *MESSED* up life


Ok So last week a Week ago Saturday acutally
I reorganized everything!!!
Everything! I had my shelves and shelves of supplies all pulled out of my bedroom
*Mountains and Mountains of fabric*
 so I could move stuff around. In the process I rearranged my shelves and
moved my sewing machine back to the bedroom so I could have more room to work on my kitchen table. Well darn it I bought a beautiful desk at a sale here while back and thought gee I am  not even using it, the point in the purchase was for it to be a sewing machine desk!
After cleaning it all I ended up with 5 large totes filled with items I simply did not need or was not using *Or so I thought?* so hubby helped me carry them out and instead of piling up my STUDIO (someday) storage building ANY HIGHER then it already is GEEEEESH!!!!!
We opted to put them in the RV that is scoped in and parked by
out carport! Now when An rv is scoped in (the slides are pulled in)
a king size bed takes up the entire bedroom!!
You know where this story is going to don't Ya!!
So I am crawling around on the bed going through totes looking for YES what I need that I can not find NOW?

*Please note this is the only real life picture you will be seeing in this post
Yes this is when we moved here three years ago and lived in our RV!!

So I needed some of these
 wooden skewers I use them for my firecrackers and flowers etc that go in my pockets, also in my doll necks to make the heads sturdy

NOW I already have packages and packages of these WHERE did I put them??? BEATS the heck out of ME
IF I would only leave things in packages I Swear!!  NOPE, I take these out and fill up a container to store them in and yep it is FULL.........where ever it is residing at right now???

So I run to town this morning now it is 7 miles into town, I go to one dollar store, NOPE......they quit carrying them
**Bought a coke and some large flags there!*

I go to the next dollar store, Yes we have two!! NOPE they quit carrying them

The Medical definition of Stress is
Stress: Forces from the outside world impinging on the individual. Stress is a normal part of life that can help us learn and grow. Conversely, stress can cause us significant problems.
Stress releases powerful neurochemicals and hormones that prepare us for action (to fight or flee). If we don't take action, the stress response can lead to health problems. Prolonged, uninterrupted, unexpected, and unmanageable stresses are the most damaging types of stress.

By the way I only need one of those darn skewers *#"% it!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I will be nice now

Purchase from second dollar store my CHEAP fix to STRESS
also MY aide to my ever growing NOT little rear that can not squeeze into her
size 7 summer shorts this year GRRRR!!!!!!! We won't even discuss what my swimming suit
looks like on my body *SCAREY*

Now what, I opt to go to the grocery store in town and YEP I found some
Good thing cause I was bound and determined not to drive another 10 miles
to go to Walmart *where I would of bought way more then I needed* just for one package of $1.00 SKEWERS!!
Did I tell you  Shelby and Rango went along for the ride!!!
YELPING every time I left them in the pickup to go inside

So now I am at home working again 
I stopped long enough to let you know how my day is going
and to take one of these, because I now have a headache LOL
you probably do too after reading this story!!

So about my organized mess, it is now not so organized anymore
MORAL of this DO NOT move things when you are working it does not pay to be neat
and tidy cause you loose stuff you need

By the way when I find said skewers, I fear what my reaction may be LOL

Also wanted to take this time to answer a question I have gotten this week in more
then one email..........No I will not be offering the pillow tucks on my sale in June
Those are on special for $5.00 each in my Etsy shop for May
I have five new ones I will list tomorrow

Thank you for visiting *I am sure you wished you wouldn't of today LOL*
Hope your day is going better then mine
OH I love what I do !!


  1. You only took 1 aspirin, sounds like you needed about 3. LOL. Hope your day goes better.


  2. WHEW! Every time we move something...we can't find it. I try to put something in a more logical place...but what was I thinking at the time? I'm not the most logical person in the world! lol I posted about YOU today! Does that make you feel any better? And SIZE 7? Nobody's gonna feel sorry for you, my friend! heeheehee!

  3. lol I feel your pain, try organizing a sewing room for a year, I still can't fix it & it empty lol!so lets tell each other it'll get better! lol!

  4. I am so sorry but I'm finding it hard to feel sorry for you since you mentioned your size 7 a$$. You are no longer my friend as I subscribe to the size 12 and over club. Nice knowing you!!!!
    (PS) You made me chuckle despite your skinny behind!!

  5. oh can feel your pain!! had my mother help me onetime organize my craft room, still can't find things and have purchased new. but you know the real crazy thing is you will come across them within the next few days just that's just how life rolls!! lol

  6. I do that, organize and then can't find anything if I want to work, which seems to never get done! Hope things are much better, tomorrow! Yes, we do need to meet up!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. That is how I feel this year with all the moving around in the rooms, that we did. Now I can't find anything.


  8. Brenda, I laughed so hard I almost cried !!! Laughing with you of course ...as I have been there done this too many times to count ! Breathe sweetie hope it all gets better as the day passes ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  9. Lol, I'm telling you sometimes it just doesn't pay to organize! It makes me so mad when I want something that I know darn good and well that I have but not a clue as to where it is and then I ask myself, why do I bother to keep it around cause I'm never going to find it when I need it, oh I'll find it, but it will be when I don't need it anymore!! Maybe tomorrow will be better!!

  10. Oh Brenda, I'm laughing because I love your advice not to move anything - EVER! I second this wonderful advice. I have the same exact problem when I decide to organize my stuff.

    I need to add, do not ever throw anything away - the minute you do, you will need said item immediately. It never fails. ~Ann

  11. Can you hear me still laughing. I know exactly where you are coming from. That happens to me when I tidy up all the time. Grrrr.
    Good luck in finding the original stash.

  12. Giggling because I so see this happening to me,except we'll change the Lays BBQ Chips to Dove Caramel Chocolates.Don't worry the skewers will show up when you don't need them.LoL..Big Hug for you!~Amy

  13. Well, I guess it is good to know that I am not alone with this dilemma. I am forever putting things away and in a special spot so I won't be able to forget where I put them. And, of course, I forget where I put them. One year, I misplaced our W-2's. I have yet to live that down.
    You have my sympathy on not being able to fit into size 7's---NOT! Love you anyway! :)

  14. Brenda, You are a HOOT. I had to laugh and I NEEDED a laugh after my Doctor's visit and I understand about moving things and then you can't remember where the heck you put this or that. It is a pain in the A$@!!!!!!LOL!!!
    You have a GREAT sense of humor though.
    I have NOT been feeling well and alot has been going on here at Hillcrest Home and this did put a smile on my face.
    I am glad I am not the only one,
    You ROCK Brenda!
    BIG Hugs,

  15. I am LOL only because I've been there done that.

  16. Phew! I feel your pain. Happens all the time, clean up and can't find anything. It takes so long just to get everything out again and get started. lol Good luck!! Blessings ~Sara

  17. OMG...........I'm laffin so hard I can't comment:)

  18. Oh if only I had to worry about squeezing into whatever size it is that comes after a 7!!!! Those dang Kettle Chips!!!


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