Sunday, April 29, 2012

White, I don't think so? Don't you come in my House!

Happy Sunday to everyone!!

Bright sunny day here in Oklahoma
Hubby brought home two Petunia Plants for me yesterday 
They are hanging on my deck

Would love to get some pretty pots to put them in but for now these will do
We need to pull the wire off of the fence
When we put up the fence Rango could escape through the pickets

Had my Sweet Potato Vines siting in this corner behind these plants but had to move them, they were getting too much sunshine
*Outside our little fenced in area we have a clover field~SIGH*
early next year we will have to fix the issue for now we have to live with it, we have fescue planted in our fenced in area because of all the trees and shade we have, but we are still pulling weeds!

Need something tall to put behind these? They are actually referred to as a cemetery plant. My dad always called them
Never Die they go crazy and have beautiful purple flowers in the summer

I love Sweet Potato Vines

This is the first year I have got the purple leaf sweet potato vines
They bloom the sweetest little flowers

WHITE ?????? HERE you go!!!!! 

This is what I deal with everyday if I water at all See this little RAG!!!! Oh my Word see those paws? And Shelby is hiding behind the table leg, she knows
she is not suppose to get in the MUD!!! She thinks she is in trouble
 then there is this........

Stink POT!!!!! Has to visit the tub when she gets this way
They need to be groomed so bad, they will get a hair cut next Friday!!

Have all of my paid orders boxed to ship in the morning!!
What a wonderful feeling, now for the others I need to finish
I have not been able to log into Facebook for over a week now?
Had this problem once before............hope to get it fixed soon for
those that have orders with me on Facebook

Nuff blabbering from me, time to fix some lunch
Hope you have enjoyed your weekend


  1. Look at that innocent face! heehee! Love your beautiful flowers, too! It's so nice to have some sunshine and pretty days! HUGS!

  2. Love your gardens, something I haven't had the time to do in my yard and most of what I had, got killed by over zealous lawn mowers;) I had a white cat that would go right for a dirt pile after I bathed him.


  3. I didn't know sweet potato vines had flowers! Sweet little pupper! She just wanted to have fun in the mud! :-)

  4. Such a cutie stinkpot hahaa. I have a hard time growing sweet tader vines. I must pick the wrong taders.

  5. ROFLMBO!!! I think they wanted a kiss! That is just too funny.
    I love your flowers. I have to get busy with mine too. Hugs, Valerie

  6. Lol that's a sweet lol dirty face! My dogs do the same thing. One of them loves to find anything stinky and rolls into it!

  7. LMBO! The pups look so happy muddy! Love your plants Brenda! ~*~Lisa

  8. Rango is bringing on her best game! We have a year old doxie that is still chewing stuff up and continuously bugging the older dogs. But, oh, what a lover he is! I bet Rango is a great snuggle buddy! She sure is cute. Just be glad you don't have 7 more of them!
    Petunias are one of my fave summer plants. I got red and white striped waves this year. Can't wait to see how they do!!!
    Raining like crazy here today--looking for sun soon. Time to plant tomatoes and peppers and patio pots.

  9. I love the face! My mom had a dog named 'Wolf' and he looked just like this one. Same face, same mud, ... :-)


  10. Hi Brenda, your petunias are so lovely. Had to smile at those grubby paws and face. Talk about cheeky.

  11. Oh such gorgeous blooms Miss Brenda!! I love sweet potato vines too - but it's a rare season here when they actually flower - and the bugs just love them to pieces (literally!) Love your little mud-face fur baby.....What a lil' stinker!! ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Had to giggle at that little muddy face. Seems every time our dog got into something like that, it would be time for a big wet,muddy, yucky kiss. LOL

  13. Hi Brenda...I love that purple sweet potato vine! will have to look for some around here! How sweet does Rango look...but so naughty!
    Take care,

  14. What a cute little stink pot..made me laugh, which is what I so needed right now. Thank you Brenda. Your flowers and sweet potato vines are also those vines myself. Take care, Janice

  15. That is the cutest little muddy face that I've ever seen!!
    Beautiful flowers.

  16. Oh Brenda, first, I love potato vine too, second, Shelby looks so innocent but also has that Smarty Pants look. I am sure she thinks she can do no wrong! I think poor Rango is embarrased by her naughty daughter.


  17. HA! LOVE that mischievous little face! Plants are gorgeous,Brenda! Hope you are feeling better!

  18. What a wonderful way for me to start my day on this rainy morning in Illinois! Love the puppy pixs, they are real smile catchers.
    I didn't know the red sweet potatoes bloomed. I'll look into those too. Have a great week.


  19. Plants and flowers are looking good. And she is just the most adorable little thing! It's hard to get too mad when they make those adorable little faces

  20. Awwwww, Brenda, but Rango is sooo cute. Look at that face! I guess I changed my mind about getting a white dog, Lol! Have a wonderful week my friend!!

  21. Your dogs are so cute, mud and all. Jack spends a lot of time in the bathtub too. He loves to come home all muddy after roaming around in the woods.

    I need some of those plants that never die!

  22. Uh oh, bad doggy. Time to get out the water hose.
    Pretty flowers and kudos to hubby for bringing home flowers :o)

  23. Never seen that purple potato vine before very pretty. I have two such naughties here. Lily the digger and Oscar who thinks our fish pond is his own private pool. Lily looks just like that most days and Oscar too if he feels at little hot. They are such funny little characters. Happy days. Chris

  24. I want to get some sweet potatoe vines this year for my window boxes. My SIL always plants them and they look great....didn't know there was a purple variety also!!!!!! OMG Rango and Shelby are soooooooo you know Colby is white and its impossible to keep him clean in all this construction mess!!!!


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