Monday, April 30, 2012

Good Afternoon

I am using Brenda's Shop Logo
This is the first time I have purchased fabric from an online shop
besides the normal muslin or osnaburg, or my ticking and oh my I love it!
If you have never shopped The Pumpkin Patch you need to check out

These were all on SALE, and I am so amazed at what I got for the price
There are so many on my wish list it is probably a Good thing I can not
afford to or I would be buying at least a Yard or two of all of it
What a Wonderful selection, so stop by The Pumpkin Patch Primitives

And yet again he wins!!! This Roadrunner I do believe, is playing with me,
 when he sees me walk out with my camera in hand
he appears to pose close enough and as soon as I focus he MOVES!

back to sewing Gee this day has flown by
Have a Great Week


  1. Brenda has a wonderful shop! I've purchased from her before, she has a great selection of pretties that it's hard to not want it all.

    Well, back to the grind. Trying to keep warm today as it's cool and the wind won't quit!

  2. WOW! I haven't seen a roadrunner in years...what a neat bird! He makes me laugh though...thinking of Wylie E. coyote! Love your beautiful fabric! I'll go check it out!

  3. Brenda has a wonderful shop, she carries the right fabrics and the best patterns, so fun to look around to see what is new. Neat road runner, we don't have those here.


  4. Brenda, The hubby thanks you for telling me where to find more fabric!! LOL!!! Love everything you got, can't wait to see what you create from it! OLM

  5. I will have to go visit this shop, but first I need to hide the wallet!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Just found your blog. Love the material from The Pumpkin Patch Primitives. I'll have to check it out. I'm a New Follower.


  7. My children and I were very excited to see this picture. We had never seen a roadrunner, except in the cartoon :). Do they live in certain parts of the usa or all over the country?


  8. Buying fabric is an addiction we have LOL.. I admire your strength.. Have a great week..X

  9. That dirty bird! LOL. You'll get him one of these days.
    Beautiful fabric, awesome prim colors. It'll be exciting to see what you make with them :o)

  10. Brenda~oh,my I never seen a roadrunner in person~ too cool looking~
    have a great day~

  11. That is some beautiful fabric. I have never considered buying it online before. I will have to go check her out. That roadrunner is such a tease. -Steph-

  12. Hi Brenda, thanks for the fabric link. I'm going to check it out. Love the roadrunner - we don't have those here either :-( and I've never seen one. You reminded me of simpler times when I used to watch Bugs Bunny every morning.

    Hugs, Laura

  13. Ha! I'm gonna start calling you The Rusty Coyote!! ;o) Love that photo - he does look like he has a smirk on his face! Thanks for the info on Brenda's shop....Love the fabrics you've chosen. I always have such a hard time figuring out what it's "really" going to look like when I order online....but this looks very tempting....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  14. Beautiful fabrics Brenda!
    Such a wonderful pic of your roadrunner!
    Prim Blessings


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