Friday, April 27, 2012

Special gifts and Swaps and Someday

Good Afternoon
Hope it is as lovely where you are as it is here today

This little fellow is outside my window, there is a feeder
hanging under him, sure do need to put some seed in it
Poor guy is probably looking at me and thinking the same thing!
Need to train them that if they go to my *someday studio*
the seed is inside the door !

The Postal carrier brought me a large box yesterday

Gee I need to do some rearranging (I have different colors everywhere)
The items in my kitchen will be the mustard and the black.
the shelf above my stove is also one of carols pieces
Ignore the UGLY brown wall ~Sigh~ Someday I will paint them
The Red box by the stove is also a piece from
Carol and Timmy yes I love Their creations
If I can ever decorate my home to go with all the ones I have
It may look the way I want it, I did a swap with Carol
And will be getting a toaster cover as soon as Timmy gets er done!

I unwrapped the box excited to see my New NOODLE board
and this is what happened, my current WIP'S found a resting spot
OH ~Sigh~ again I need more room or my again
SOMEDAY studio done!

so I decided I needed to make it look a little more
appropriate for photo shoot, but then found myself too close 
and hey I am not taking another photo right now!
I will share when I get my toaster cover in the mail
*That means I have to clean my counter tops off.......*
I also need more TIME *Someday, Smile*

So many of these items are from swaps or wonderful items
that Sweet blogging friends have gifted me with
One being a new one today, See that arrangement it is so SWEET
and SMELLS heavenly WOW I feel special thank you so much
Totally a surprise from Sheila of Country Impressions

The chicken picture is from Barb of Barb's Heartstokes
I purchased one and she gifted me this one

The penny rug is from a swap I did with Michelle of Granny's Pantry

And the sweet little red box with sweet annie in it is a gift from 

The jar of Beans, well if I do not get off my Rear and get to work
it will be what we eat for dinner everyday

Is this not just the most adorable arrangement, filled with
vintage sewing items and see the Rusty spice coated thimble
on top of the rag ball, again thank you Sheila
yes you brought a Smile to my face Today!

Listed a few Ad Pillow tucks In my shop
On a mission to save my pennies for a Scan 
*Someday* Smile

Remember Someday comes around more then we realize
And someday's we miss it if we don't grab hold and enjoy it
Hope you are smiling today


  1. Great posting. Love looking at how everyone uses what is available on Etsy in their home decor. Someday, we all will have our lives in order! Take care, miss your posting on the team.

    Big Hugs

  2. Wonderful new treasures Miss Brenda! So it's you getting those goodies from Carol and Tim! I saw her post on the mustard noodle board, and read that they were working on a toaster cover - little did I know they were yours! I think the noodle board is a great place for your WIP's - they you can just move the board and them all at once when you want to cook up those beans.... ;o) Love the little arrangement from Shelia too - she is so gifted with what she does. I have several of her creations - and wish space and finances allowed for many more! Sweet little pillow tuck too - I need to scoot over and check them out - I have a friend who would love that little "Rise n' Shine" tuck....and am I reading it right - it says "Richfield, WISCONSIN"??? Woo Hoo! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (And you're so right about those "somedays....")

  3. Wonderful surprise from Sheila! Seems I'm waiting on someday to take a break.Hopefully someday girl you really need to get the studio done so you can decorate.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Oh, I love all of your goodies! Surrounding yourself with special things from people you know makes you happy...they mean more to us! Love the quote about some day! Did you make that up? WOW! You are GOOD! Enjoy your day, my friend! Hugs from the mountains!

  5. Love all your goodies! Sheila makes the BEST arrangements--and that one is PERFECT for you with the sewing notions in it! Love your noodle board--I would LOVE to have one, but I'm not too good with turning the stove off. ;) We ALL have "someday plans" don't we!?!--have a great weekend--Jan

  6. Carol and her husband do beautiful pieces, love the ones i have. Lots of goodies for your swaps, nice to be able to swap with others who do different types of crafts, and give them things you are good at making.


  7. Oh Bren, it's good to read you still have a sense of humor :) I knew all those awesomes looked familiar.
    That squirrel looks very well fed that's for sure. Looks like he could lift a truck! LOL. They are purdy little rodents aren't they :)

  8. Ah, we watch the tree rats, too, and we even feed them in the winter. They are entertaining, but can be very damaging. Still like them--drive my dogs nuts!
    Love all your goodies. It is good to be able to get what you need and what you like from friends!!
    I think I wish I had one of Sheila's arrangements. Must check them out!
    Gotta get busy. I have to fill an order for tucks....
    Big hugs,

  9. It is so much fun to get gifts or swap and enjoy decorating with things sent from friends. I can't wait to get in my next house and start decorating a room at a time and I am sure I will be asking for help from all my blogging friends.. I love all your goodies :)

  10. Great goodies from Carol, Sheila, and Barb!! I just did a swap with Sheila and she really spoiled me with lots of goodies.

  11. What a warm meaningful home. Filled with thing that were made by hand. Wonderful

  12. You're a lucky lady to be the recipient of some great handmades from some very talented gals, Brenda! LOVE that fat and happy squirrel! Take care!

  13. Great bunch of goodies Brenda! Love the pillow tucks too, Valerie

  14. Isn't it nice to know that all the things that surround you were sent to you by friends?


  15. Isn't it fun to look around your house and be reminded every day of the wonderful friends you have:) I am happy for you. Such sweet gifts. I love your new noodle board. I was just looking on Carol's website yeasterday. I want one for my new stove. Your's is perfect. -Steph-


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