Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Specials and May is Special

Hello yes it is May, wow this year is buzzing right on by

May is a Special Month to me, but also holds some sad memories
my father passed away in May 15 years ago and I miss him so! 

My Oldest Son's Birthday is in a couple of days
I just spoke with him this morning on the phone, I called to tell him he is getting OLD! Naturally his reply is Yeah mom but never as OLD as you are!

 It is so hard to be so far away, over 2,000 miles!!! and I have not shared this until now, but my daughter and grandson just relocated to Seattle, she got her transfer, so now they too are over 2,000 miles away
I do not have a scanner so I will share a picture of a picture I took this morning

This is my grandson Kayd, I sure do miss him!!

And There is another Birthday this month, and you know me
my fur babies get to celebrate their birthdays all month long

MISS Rango was born on the last day of May she will be 
One Year Old!!

Amazing how white she is!!! Hmm if I could only keep her like that now!

Wow, it is bad when you have more pictures of your pets then
your kiddo's, Hey guys if you read this you could email me some
pictures it may make this Mom Happy!!! 

I listed another Tuck in my shop this morning
and have a few more I will be adding in a couple of days
This month I have these on my May Special

Gee three days in a roll, on posts, I think I am getting back to
some sort of Normal mode here! Still can not get on FB
seems I just can Not keep myself from abusing my broadband usage
It is not easy to get on here and post either, just get lucky sometimes!
I need better internet service *Smile*



  1. Those are the most adorable puppy pics!

  2. We also have birthday all month long. It is so hard having kids so far away from us! But with all the cute pics of the dog, they just may send you some update pictures.


  3. Seems to be a birthday month, my husband and my pup this month. I just love range, I want one, lol.


  4. Your Gradson is getting big. Hard to believe the pups were born a year ago seems like just a few months.Were does the time go? I favorited the tuck earlier.Hugs!~Amy

  5. We don't have any May birthdays, so feel left out! Your puppies are adorable, are they schnauzers?(sp) Never seen a white one, so I'm pretty sure that is wrong tho. At any rate, they are cute, but so are the humans in your family!


  6. My heart goes out to you, with family
    far away. Your puppies are gorgeous, so at least they will keep you company.

  7. May is a big month here too-good and bad. FIL passed as well as mom and dad in May. Older son's birthday is the end of May...he lives out in Seattle.The distance makes it tough, but he calls often...or else!! ;)Your grandson is quite the young man--love his name! I can't believe Rango is a year old--i was reading your blog when the pups arrived...way before I started my blog. It's hard when family lives far away, but the reunions are sweeter!!--Jan

  8. Your grandson is so handsome! Love the dogs pics. Hope you have a wonderful month of May celebrating birthdays, Valerie

  9. Awww....such a sweet post, Bren....I think of you so often and feel badly knowing the pain you feel for your long-distance relationships with your children. I hope they are reading and send lots of photos....Wow...can't believe Rango is going to be a year old already. They told me time would start flying by the older I got, so, I must be getting old! She's still a cutie patootie (and I remember when you thought "she" was "he!") ;o) Love the new tuck....yikes....you've got me hooked. I probably should have waited, hey??? Hope you have a great tomorrow....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. I think May is a big birthday month...my granddaughter, my hubby, and my sister all have birthdays this month.
    Love the new pillow tuck!!
    Ramgo is so adorable!!

  11. Happy Birthday to all of your loved ones, Brenda!! Here's hoping you're on a blogging streak and we get to hear from you more often!

  12. I hope May can be a time for happy memories of your Dad that bring you comfort Brenda. You have some good looking kiddos! Hard to believe Rango was that small, what a sweetheart. Love that crow tuck!! ~*~Lisa

  13. Hello Brenda! You have a Handsome son and an adorable Grandson!
    It's hard to Believe that Rango is going to be a year old. Time sure does go by fast. Such sweetness. Love your new tuck's. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Such handsome gentlemen you have in your life!
    I can't believe Rango is going to be a year old already ~ Where does the time go???
    Love your newest creation!
    I've been wanting to try my hand at printing on fabric.
    Prim Blessings

  15. May is a special month for me, too...2 of my sons were born this month! I love May!

  16. I couldn't get the link to your Etsy store to work...but I know how to get there!

  17. Oh my goodness, how time slips away. I sure hope you receive a current photo of your grandson. Happy May birthdays!


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