Thursday, February 9, 2012

Since I will be out tomorrow I wanted to share a few things this evening

I just finished another one of the Carpenters pockets

Love how this one turned out
I have one with a rabbit and carrots almost done

And I also want to let you know about this!!

This is going to be the largest giveaway the PAFA team has had 
You won't want to miss it

Shelby and Rango have a grooming appointment in the morning
So I have to find a way to spend 4 hours in a small town with a limited 
amount of places to go to
And it just started raining?? I may regret doing this but just can not
put it off any longer


  1. Hi Brenda i would take some stitching along with you.xx

  2. LOVE your carpenter bags! This one is especially beautiful!

    I guess the town is too small to have any antique or thrift stores. I always take along a bag of sewn pieces to either cut out, turn or stuff! Hugs, Annie

  3. Love your pocket! I have to do that same thing regularly when I drive my MIL to dialysis. I have found a few thrift shops that I am now a "regular" at. On the nicer days, I take advantage of the walking trails and get some exercise. Always handwork of some type in my vehicle or a book!
    Hope that you found something to do!


  4. Go get some magazines and a choclolate cake. That should keep you busy for a couple of hours. Then it should put you to sleep for the rest of the time. It works for me anyway:) I love how you have done the flag on the bag. How prim perfect. -Steph-


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