Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Special unexpected gift

Good Morning, I missed blogging yesterday?

Last night we made a late trip to the grocery store, so I stopped by to pick up
my mail and much to my surprise there was a box in there!

Something special from a very sweet team mate of the PAFA team

So after our shopping, putting away groceries and preparing a late dinner
I could not wait to tear into this box

Look at this sweet little Snow angel hanging below it on the cupboard is the piece of homespun and a little tag that was wrapped around the tissue
The tag has a very thoughtful hand written note on the back of it!

And this is what the tag says that is in the pocket of this snow angel

Was attempting to do some work on her blog, and I volunteered to log into it for her and fix a few things, I have done this for many friends online. Gee I did not expect a gift but Thank you so much Deb it made me smile, and brightened up my evening *and I kept looking at it all evening to keep my mind off of the story that you will be reading soon!*
I love her again thank you Deb 

Because then it HAPPENED!
*yes this is the venting part of my story*

Last night as we watched the news the same old story is airing, one that they have been advising us about for a couple of weeks now.
If you are using *YES the water company we use, well did but it was sold to someone else* To Boil your water before using it! They have found E coli in our water? The news has tried to contact both the previous owner and the new owner and neither will answer or return their calls, this water department also has another well in another area? so we are not sure if it is really intended for us or not?

Ok so some of you know we have had water issues for the THREE years we have lived here, we are on a well system. So I go and read the risks of what E coli in your water can cause HELLO again!!!! What on earth?

I contacted *emailed* the news.....seems this is coming from the DEQ 
department of environmental ? does that stand for quality LOL

The well system we are on can be bypassed and turned over to provide us with county water? Yes I ranted! and yes the DEQ knows this! If there is a problem that can be hazardous to peoples health, why would the DEQ knowing that we do not have to get this well water, not make these people change us over to county until said issue is fixed?  Ok can you feel that steam coming off of these words?
This is just ridiculous, in the past when phone calls have been made to the DEQ over our water problems, the next morning bright and early the man who owned the well would be out shocking it and leave the evidence behind which consisted of several empty bottles of bleach??? 
Then the DEQ would show up test the water and say it was safe?
Do you see a problem here with this?

Ok enough steam my coffee was getting cold so I wrapped my hand around the mug and it is warm again LOL

Have a Wonderful day Friends
Guess I need to go sell some more hand mades to cover the cost of this bottled water we are buying right now! GEEESH

and just one more thing before you go, I have been up since 1 AM this morning YUP......Miss Shelby and Rango woke me up wanting out, I could not go back to sleep, but they had no problem jumping back into bed and snuggling down?
so now they are asleep on my recliner and I do believe the other recliner is
calling my name, I may have to take me an early morning nap 


  1. OMG Brenda i cant believe it, i believe there to be a real problem with what they are putting in our drinking water.
    Such a lovely gift from Deb and very thoughtful,take care.xx

  2. What a sweet thank you gift from Deb!

    What a mess with the water issue. I always complain about the grouchy bitties that I have to deal with at our water company but at least we have clean water. What you are going through should be against the law, it's putting your health at risk! Hope your able to get on county water real soon. Don't blame you at all for ranting.

    Have a good rest of the week~

  3. Good morning, Brenda!
    I'm glad you like the angel...just a small token of appreciation for all your help. Thank You so much for sharing on your blog!
    Stick with the bottled water- ecoli can be nasty!!
    Catch a nap and get to that sewing machine girl!

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Love your goodies from Deb!
    Don't Drink the Water!! What a mess.

  5. The angel is such a sweet and thoughtful gift.
    So sorry about the water issues.
    Take care.

  6. Send an official looking bill to the water company for the cost of your bottled water!!! Our water company is fine until the summer rolls around and then all they do is ride around in thier trucks handing out tickets for using to much on your lawn or not watering on the days you are suppose to. Get some sleep. Have a great day. -Steph-

  7. Brenda,

    What a nice thank you. Sorry about the water issues. I would definitely keep drinking bottled water even if they "fix" the issue...wouldn't trust them with my health.

    Have an awesome day.


  8. Sweet thank you! It is good of you to help others with blog issues. I've helped a few myself and it is a good thing.
    We had a similar situation with wells when we were kids. Now all of us have intestinal problems--a whole town full of people. I say don't drink that water or use it to do dishes. That's crazy stuff. Good luck. This is a serious situation. Even for Shelby and Rango!

  9. O Brenda how awful bout the water id be terrified to even give it to the critters ! Will say a prayer for you that they get you switched and soon ! Beautiful new goodes you got in the mail so sweet! Have a great evening !hugs lilraggedyangie

  10. Thank you for following and putting my giveaway on your side bar. I love your blog and have gone back and looked around. You are so creative! I love the gift you got so sweet and creative. We are on well water with no other choice. We drink bottled and cook with the well water.

  11. Surprise packages are so special, adorable angel, sure to brighten your day.

  12. Wonderful gift! Hope that your water problems are fixed soon. We don't drink our water here as it comes to us. After years of buying bottled water, we finally put our own filtration system on it. Just can't trust what they are doing to it!


  13. Such a sweet surprise in the mail!
    Hope you get some answers for your water issues and hopefully gets fixed soon.
    Prim Blessings


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