Friday, February 10, 2012

Shelby and Rango's new do's

Ok or should I say their undo's LOL

Oh my I told her not to shave them down all the way
But did she listen, and ask me if I tipped her?

Yes I did I always do but her tip was less this time
it is normally $10 a dog but not today!!

"OH Mommy I am NAKED!"
They were both so disappointed with me when I picked them up
this one could not get close enough was crawling up my shoulder
but she would not look at me!

And this picture tells it all, does she not look like she is a little on the 
upset side, she has been moping every since

They are all naked not even the fur on their legs, all gone!!
They will grow fast though, only problem is it is suppose be be in the low 20's the next two nights! And Shelby has outgrown her sweater again, do we see a diet
on the horizon for her?

Ok so my day was long and we just finished a big bowl of 
Loaded Baked Potato Soup

Going to load the smoker down tomorrow to feed us for the weekend
Have a great weekend


  1. Oh my, Bren, what are you showing X-rated photos on your blogs for?!! Looks like it's just going to the 'dogs'!!! Get them babies some clothes on!!!
    I'll be there for dinner this weekend so set a place for me!!

  2. Oh my goodness, they really shaved them close didn't they :O(. Mercy sakes...especially the first little guy/girl...but I must say the second photo that little one looks the most upset. I wonder what part of don't shave them down all they way, they didn't understand?

  3. Hi Brenda,

    Oh my goodness! Poor naked babies. :(

    We have a cute toy size Maltese. One time my husband decided to shave her.

    Oh dear, it was a sad day. She didn't speak to him for a week. She was so embarrassed.

    She needs a bath and a clippin' now too. She is saying stay away from me daddy. lol

    Hope your little ones will stay warm. And you too 20 degree is a bit nippy. We are in SW Wyoming and it has been very cold here too. Brrr

    Take care, Janet W

  4. poor babies, they look like their feelings are hurt.

  5. Your babies are so pretty but they may need a coat to go out to play!
    Hope they forgive you ;-)

  6. Aww them poor sweeties!They need some mommy cuddles for sure!Keep warm and give them a squezze for me!big hugs michelle

  7. Aw, poor babies! I took my miniature schnauzer to the groomer yesterday. I told them not to shave him down, I want a schnauzer cut with the skirt and he looks almost like this! I was very disappointed because I know they cut more than they were supposed to. I didn't tip at all, I guess I should have a little but I was disappointed too. I wonder why it's so hard to get it right? Anyway, poor little thing has been cold, snuggling up to me, sitting right in front of the fireplace trying to get warm. Very, very cold here tonight. Keep them babies and yourselves warm!

  8. Oh my....
    they are so sweet though!
    Makes me think of my sweet Momma,
    she always had a schnauzer (sp)
    he was our lil-baby :)
    I did get on as a follower for your give away by the way! :)
    Give those sweet doggies a smoochie :) XO

  9. OMG...those photos say it all! They are absolutely darling! They remind me of when I had my Lhasa Apso, Buster, and would take him in to the groomer. Always came out pretty much shaved and a little put out with me! LOL! Stay warm! ~~Annie

  10. aww poor babies! My dogs are getting a shave tomorrow too but my husband does it because I have 3 teenagers and they suck me dry soo I cannot afford to take them to the groomers. He does a good job though but he makes them naked too.

  11. OMGoodness! They really are naked.
    But oh so precious.

  12. Poor babes, can't believe she did that.
    I used to do grooming and once I messed up and cut more than I was supposed to, but the owner was thrilled with the way I did it.


  13. Aw I hope it didn't burn them since it is so close. Poor babies!
    They do look ticked off.

  14. They look so cute already to be shown off.

  15. Oh those poor little babies. If they were here in WI they would be a ice cube ~ what was that chick thinking??? Boy do they look mad at you.
    The soup sounds wonderful ~ I could use some right now ~ I'm freezing!!!
    Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!!!
    prim Blessings

  16. Poor babies they will need a nice warm blanket after going out.
    soup sounds good.

  17. Awww Poor Babies! The bright side it'll be a little longer till they have to go back.Enjoy the weekend!~Amy

  18. Poor little things, I'm cold just looking at them. It is winter now, what was the groomer thinking? You will have to get them sweaters and leg warmers to wear outside. They won't be mad for long, give them plenty of love.
    Stay warm
    Country at heart

  19. Awww...poor babies...they are too cute though ith their sad lil' faces.

    Have a great day.


  20. Poor cold doggies, dumb ladies. I am sorry. Their fur will grow fast though. -Steph-

  21. Poor babies..hope they won't be too cold. You have my mouth watering with that soup and smoked food...mmmm. take care, Janice

  22. Brenda, your post of your 2 furbabies was so cute, It put a smile on my face.

    We have 3 small poodles so this post melted my heart.

    Have a great night friend,

  23. Hmmm I don't think I would have tipped her at all Brenda, maybe she would have got the idea then. I hope she doesn't do it again. They are too cute though.


  24. Poor dogs! They seem to know when they look nice and when they don't.
    My dog would prance around and
    would lay down so carefully, it was the cutest thing. If he got shaved down by accident" he was quiet all day long. Rango looks so soft and cuddly.


  25. Oh, my~ they are skinned poor pouches, but they are still so adorable~
    hugs to both of them~


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