Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do we blame the Media?

As most of you know we live at a Beautiful lake in Oklahoma
and enjoy it so, We both love to fish and can not wait to get a 
New boat, so we can spend many hours out on the water

We can go out in my FIL's anytime, and do often go out with them when
they come to the lake.
Recently you will recall me ranting about E coli in our water
And if you recall I sent an Email to the news channel about this
Because all they were reporting was that it was for those using the company that provides our water, but there are different areas at this lake, three actually that they provide water too. Someone has always said it is two?
But no they have always had three wells

I never got a response from the Email I sent
My concern was that neighbors were saying we needed to boil our water

WELL!! Our water was never effected! We contacted and visited with the new owners of the well, and I am so relieved to report that is was for another area
at the lake, a Different well!!!

So hmm, who to blame?? It does not matter our water is safe!! 
And this individual that now owns the well seems to be a bit more
responsible and on top of things!

It turned really COLD here, or colder then it has been, dropped down in the 20's last night with very low wind chills
My son told me this morning that it was 9 in the panhandle of Oklahoma
BRRRR, and yes they have had snow

Sitting cozy and warm in our sweet home that we love
Hope you are warm this weekend


  1. I think you may be right about the media. When they take their notes to write an article I don't think they can even read what all they wrote and get things mixed up. I have had problems when they did articles about me when I was helping others with sales from my cook book years ago. Sometimes they even write an article about something and then I find out that the event they wrote about was over with a week ago. Hope all is well with your water now :)

  2. It is a shame that the water systems are getting bad. Our town has the best water in the state, but not any more, over building is ruing the water tables. Love your view, would love to have a place on a lake in maine or NH.


  3. Awesome peaceful sunset Brenda! Media, I have two words, "stay away", too much negative reporting, I hate it. Glad to here your water is fine, concentrate on that fantastic view, let nature steal your heart for awhile.

  4. With something as sensitive and important as water quality safety, you would think that they would have their facts straight; I'm sure many people were scared silly that they were drinking contaminated water! So glad your well is safe Brenda and that the new owner seems to be more responsible. Lovely sunset pictures, you live in such a beautiful place! Stay warm my friend, I hate to tell you but it is much warmer up here in Canada than it is in Oklahoma, now how often can I say that! Deb

  5. Hi Brenda~
    beautiful sunset pic!
    If you still have concerns about your water and want to rest your mind, for a minimal fee you can get a sample bottle from your local Health dept. and test the water from your house and have the results sent directly to you. You have that right as a user of that well.
    I believe that it is the same process from state to state. I deal with DEQ and EPA on a regular basis for our community wells where I live as I'm the certified water purveyor for our wells.
    The media can really blow things out of proportion and cause more havoc than good.

  6. Yippe!!! You don't have to boil water or buy all that bottled water! Great news and a big relief that you don't have to worry about it any more.

    It's Brrr here too!
    The wind goes right through you.
    Stay warm!
    Prim Blessings

  7. Brenda,

    Glad to hear that our water is safe. Sorry you received misinformation...sometimes fact checking goes left unchecked by the people that report the news...too bad as they can sure stir up a panic.

    Beautiful view...keep warm.


  8. Hey, Bren:
    Awesome, what a relief! That could make everyone so very sick, and I'm relieved for you. Is it still a chance that it's somewhere else nearby? A well you mentioned? I hope not. Thank you for all of the wonderful emails about helping me.
    I've got 93 to answer right now, not all from bloggers but I take a day of rest and look what happens!

  9. I am glad your water is safe and sad that you were misinformed. But, it all worked out in the end. Your weather is too cold for me. Brrr......

  10. Brenda~ Happy the beautiful water is okay, but it is scarey isn't it~I so worry about the land & water~

  11. hi..we live in the county and have our own well...we take a sample (in a bottle they has a powdery substance in it) and have it checked once a year for a fee of $10.00. I'm glad everything worked out well for you. Beautiful lake in your area.

    Smiles and huggs,


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