Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Creating the day away

Well can you hear it?? My sewing machine has been humming all day long
Outside of a short nap I seemed to not stay away from today!
That is what happens when you wake up at 4 AM? By eleven this morning I was worn out

I just got a new creation done

She was fun to create and can be found *HERE*

Hope you are all having a wonderful day, back to sewing for me
I am on a roll, working on orders


Trace4J said...

Great job!
I love her.You are really talented.
Hugs Trace


Ahl Cooped Up said...

I just love her, and Vivian's designs.
Awesome work Brenda!

Carol Stuck said...

Hi Brenda

I love your new bunny. Just adorable!!! But...all of your creations are adorable. I also love your new bag with the daisies. Is there another one available, and if so...can you tell me cost.

Thanks, Brenda!


Shirlee said...

That's one of the cutest bunnies I have ever seen : ) Blessings, Shirlee

shez said...

cute as,keep up the good work.xx

Vicky said...

Always a pleasure to come and see what you've been up to! You never disappoint!

WoolenSails said...

I love your bunny, she is so sweet and so prim.


~Sara said...

Love all of your creations. Such detail in everything. Happy stitching. ~Sara

Linda said...

That bunny is just adorable!! Happy sewing!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How precious! And I'm glad you are enjoying your work...it feels good to create something so special! ♥

Angela said...

Well Miss Brenda, you are one creative woman. If I ever finished a project in one day I would think I was super woman. I always seem to get sidetracked. Love the bunny. You do such great work. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next project. Have a great evening.

Brenda said...

You make the coolist stuff Brenda! This is one handsome bunny. :)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Cute bunny Brenda!!!
I have a couple of her patterns.
Sew on Girlfriend!
Prim Blessings

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Such skinny little arms and legs. Those had to be a booger to turn and stuff! She is a beauty. At least, you took a nap. 4 AM? I am just sleeping away at that time of night. I'm lucky if I get up by 9 or 10! You are dedicated.
How is Rango's boo-boo paw?

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Brenda:

Your new wabbit is wonderful!!
You have REALLY been sewing like
a madwoman. I guess I should be
getting up at 4 AM. I wake up at
3 AM but I go back to sleep!!
You are on a serious creative
streak and everything is so beautiful!

frontporchprims said...

I can hear it from hear. Your rabbit is so cute. I swear, where do you get your inspiration from? I love everything you make. -Steph-

Angie Berry said...

So that's what that rumbling was... I thought we were having another earthquake, lol!

Cute rabbit! Keep on sewing away~

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

Love it!!!! I hope to be painting all day tomorrow! I ran home for apts Tues and came back today.....I need to get a chauffeur!!

Prims By The Water said...

Bunnies have always been my weakness and yours looks wonderful! Take care, Janice