Monday, February 13, 2012

PAFA's Monday Merchant Circle

Hello another Monday already, and like all other Mondays I am busy
attempting to pick up from the weekend, catch up on my creations, answer emails and yes gathering info to post 
About another wonderful Member of the
*Primitive and Folk Artist Etsy Team*
I would like to introduce you to Kris of

This can be found on *The Maple Street Friends Blog*

Here on Maple Street, my husband Joe and I live with our six children in our 1778 British colonial home. While I have always had a passion for things "old," my husband always liked things "new."Well.......Six children later and a move into a "big ole" house that's fit us all, Joe has developed an appreciation for the antiques. With our passions combined, our fondness of woodworking and crafting, and a profound pride in our community, we created Maple Street Shoppe

now..........friends wow I would love to step inside that 1778 home!!

I found this picture on Kris's blog, I do hope she drops by today to inform me if this is an actual picture of her home

Oh look how sweet
Kris describes her household as a brood of six kids , 1 hubby, 1 Newfie, 1 Pug, 1 black cat , 1 turtle, and six hermit crabs 

They want to turn their home into a B&B and shop after all of the kiddo's are grown
 You can find Kris at these locations online

And be sure to mark your calendars, set your alarm
Tomorrow is Valentines Day and tomorrow the Primitive and Folk Artists team
begins their largest Giveaway
On Valentines day and check out all of the wonderful donations
Have a great day


  1. Wow, that's enough to come up with creative ideas forever! Love the critters of the household. Thanks Brenda :o)

  2. Love the feature on this artist and her wonderful life!

  3. So nice to meet another new artisan from the talented PAFA Etsy team, thanks so much Brenda for featuring Kris! And can't wait till tomorrow, there will be tons of fun over at the PAFA Etsy team blog!

  4. My Gosh, but I too would love to step inside that beautiful home!! Such a nice post on Kris!!

  5. lovely post Brenda.xx

  6. Wonderful feature on Kris and all her kids and critters!!
    She is one talented gal.
    Thanks for sharing Brenda,

  7. That's a nice feature, Brenda. I was just on their website a little while ago. I love the look of her soy candles but you've showed us the 1778 house and now I love the house!!

  8. Great feature on a very talented artist! Love that dog, Valerie

  9. Wow, thanks Brenda. How nice!
    Yes that is our old house. We spend every free moment renovating to bring her back to her old glory.

    Thank you so much for the most wonderful feature, and every one for their ind comments.


  10. LOL... kind comments. where's the spell check :)

  11. Kris is such a talent...I love the jar candles she just did!

  12. Wonderful feature on this awesome shop and talented folks. I love the house picture!


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