Friday, December 9, 2011

OLM's Season's Special Meaning

Good Morning Blogging Friends, Hope this finds you having a wonderful day so far!

I am sitting here, thinking of all the many things I need to do, and putting off the fact that I have to run to the Metal place and get the roofing for my FIL'S I don't mind the drive there, I will stress about my babies because I have to leave them home. Rango is doing great!!

It is the fact that I will have a load of metal sheets that will hang way off of the tail the drive home is stressful!! LOL........just picture this me looking in the rear view mirror saying BACK OFF at least a dozen times!! Because the vehicles behind me will stress me out!

Ok back to the Title of this POST!! MARIE is at it again she is giving away this precious little pouting doll

And She has asked us to post about the Season's Special meaning to us....................NOW mine may be a bit different then most
#1 and foremost the season is special because of the meaning of Christmas......Christ! And that sums it up good for me.

2. I always seem to be in a blah mood during the holidays, I miss family I miss get togethers,  I miss my KIDS!! And yes I get down and out about it all, I am a mama and it hurts to not have your Children around for the holidays! It has been about 10 years since I have had all three of them and my grandson in the same place together!!

3. The greatest joy of the year is to know that I will go see my mother, hubby always tries to take me to see her, I am grateful to still have her at the wonderful young age of almost 90! She has had some issues lately with health etc. and I wish she was closer...........again, blah!! I would love for her to live close to me, she sews too!! I sent her a gift recently. I purchased some wide lace online and the lady  sent it to her for me.
my mother makes Barbie Clothes beautiful gowns............She has so many Barbie's sitting around dressed up. With no place to go to LOL..............She gives some away now and then, and she would give them all away if she still drove. She does this to stay busy, she also quilts. Such an inspiration! My best Friend and I hope I follow if it is God's Will in her footsteps to be able to sew until my last days I am blessed with!

I need to find some Magic and decide to be in an uplifted mood, so I will sew this afternoon. After that much dreaded trip to pick up the metal LOL!!

Have a Wonderful Day


  1. HI Brenda..I just became a follower of yours. Your work is wonderful. I will put your giveaway on my blog. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Brenda, Thanks for coming by my blog this morning, hope all is going well with your metal. I got a little misty reading your post First of all My Dad's family all live in the Panama OK area. He moved to CA right out of High School, met my Mom ,had three kids and a blessed life. My parents moved back to OK about 18 years ago, to my dismay. Dad's gone on to live in heaven. Mom has remarried a great guy and still lives in Panama. So I was missing them, feeling like your little doll. We call that the horse face in our family. When I read about your mom making the Barbie clothes, (now I'm really crying, glad I'm alone in the house) My favorite Christmas was the year my mom made me a box of Barbie clothes. I remember opening up the box, and seeing all those shiny fancy fabrics. I still have them. I have two of those wooden hinged artist dolls dressed in some of them in my studio. Funny the things that trigger your emotion. I must have been ready for a good cry. I'm now going to take my horse face and find some tissue. Blessings, Cindy

  3. Brenda,

    I so hope your drive goes well!! I so understand stressing while driving with big loads in the truck...
    Thanks for joining in in my giveaway, I have so enjoyed your post on the meaning of the season for you! OLM

  4. You do wonderful work, what a blessing to see your Momma, mine is off visiting with Jesus. I still see her in my mind, but I would love just to be able to wrap my arms around her right now! I hope all goes well with your journey and that the Lord will give you peace!

  5. How neat that your mom still sews and that you will visit her soon. Best wishes on transporting the metal in the truck. Have a joyful day as Christmas approaches. The advent candles in church help create the expectation for me.

  6. Brenda, I can completely identify with your feelings about being with your family during the holidays. Since we just moved to Idaho a few months ago, we're not going to be in NC with the rest of my family for Christmas. It's the first time in 50 years that I haven't been with my mom, my sisters, and especially my kids, but everyone is scattering to the winds, including us.

    I'm going to have to figure out a way to still feel included in the festivities...maybe I can Skype with the family while they're opening gifts!


  7. I love reading about your Mom...she sounds like such a special lady. And I know how you feel about missing your kids! I won't see mine and it hurts. I can't even talk about how much! Sending you some more of those warm Southern hugs! Wish we could sit together...drink some hot cocoa (mine would be sugar free) and have a pity party! heehee! Then we would LAUGH and cut up! ♥♥♥

  8. PS Thanks for putting my giveaway on your sidebar! You're always so sweet to do that! MORE HUGS!!! ♥♥♥

  9. Dear Brenda,
    I wish for Christmas that you could be with your children and grandson.
    God Bless your mom.

  10. Awww - what a sweet and heartfelt post. I know it hurts you so not to be with your children and grandson - so wish it could be different. What a blessing that your mom is still able to sew. Yikes - I'm not anywhere close to her age and it gives me fits some days! (You all must have strong sewing genes in your family!). Hope by the time you're reading this that you're home safely with that load of metal. And if you find any of that magic, save a wee bit for me - could use some these days. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. I can totally relate, I havent had my daughter for the holidays for 6 years, although I do see her during the year, she lives out of state and is in retail so she cant get away during the holidays! how blessed you are to still have your mom and call her your best friend, I envy that!!!! HUGS!!!!!!

  12. very understandable feelings! I know my mom misses me, she's in Illinois and I'm in Idaho. We miss all our family around the holidays too, as we are the only ones in Idaho. :( But thankful for all the blogging friends, like you i have found. :)

  13. Oh Brenda, I hope your day went well and without incident. I'm needing to find a little pick me up today too. Is it true what they say... "all work and no play"... I say, wears the dickens out of us... lol.


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