Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rango Says Hello

Well yesterday morning we took Miss Rango into the Doc's..........gee what a day! When Shelby and I got back in our pickup to come home, Shelby puts her paws on the dash and howled as she was looking at the Vet's Door in front of us. She was not a happy Camper...........She moped all day long. I let her outside yesterday afternoon and I could not find her. She was under our carport sniffing around the pickup. I do believe she was thought we had left her baby in the truck LOL

So this morning we went back to pick up Miss Rango. Yes she had her Big Girl surgery.

She has been on my Recliner since we got home. The Doc says no Rough Housing, well she has listened well. Shelby on the other hand can not understand why She can't play with her Baby. But Rango tells her no and snaps at her real quick if mama gets rough.

So Shelby is keeping her distance, how funny they are normally curled up real close to each other, but not today. And Shelby is not happy with it at all.

They both need to be brushed and need their beards trimmed. It is cold outside and they do not even want out there! It is going to be a long Winter! We just do not like Winter at all!!

Have a Wonderful Day
Shelby and Rango


  1. I hope Rango is feeling back to normal soon! They are so sweet :D

    We still don't have any snow, that's VERY strange!! We are supposed to get some Friday. I can't believe I am saying this, but I hope it sticks around this time.

  2. I want a rango, lol, she is so cute and love the white.
    I need to go shopping for mine, they are my kids now;)


  3. How cute. They love each other. Best friends. -Steph-

  4. Poor Shelby! I hope Rango feels better soon so they can both get back to normal, Valerie

  5. Adorable~ wishing her a fast recovery~ oh,my they are so cute~ hugs to them both~

  6. awww -feel better soon Rango ! Poor Shelby , shes such a great momma! Rango sure has grown both the girls are looking fabulous today ! Have a great week! hugslilraggedyangie

  7. They are so precious together! Hope they can snuggle soon! Feel better Miss Rango! ♥

  8. OH, your buddies are so cute. Is the white one a
    Schnauzer too?

  9. They certainly are Adorable! I always wanted a white dog! Hoping Rango is feeling better soon!

  10. They both are so adorable!! Hope Rango feels all better soon...then there can be some playing and snuggle time.

  11. Poor little Rango, she looks so pitiful! Hopefully she'll feel better soon.

    I guess mamas are mamas, whether they're human or not, aren't they?


  12. Oh, God they are adorable. Like how Rango knows she isn't supposed to get rough today and snaps at her mumma. She wouldn't normally do that, right?
    Look at Shelby in the photo, "What, I didn't do anything!".
    I'm glad Rango came home safe and sound.
    Warm Holiday Wishes To Everyone,

  13. Poor baby! I don't trust anyone to trim my Yorkies since I left Tyler. I loved Susan, and she loved the dogs so. So I've been "trimming" on them myself and giving them a bath. They're beginning to resemble bears!

  14. awww poor lil Rango is as cute as ever...hope she's playin' with her momma soon. Yes I agree, I don't like winter at all...wish it would stay in the 50's or higher all winter!

  15. oh they are so those beards!!!!

  16. She will recover quickly. We've been thru this about a dozen times. Feeling sorry for Shelby.... She probably really misses her playmate.
    How is big Mommy doing?
    BTW~Rango is stunningly beautiful!

  17. So glad Rango's surgery went smoothly. That photo of the two of them together is adorable...It captures everything you explained just perfectly!! I'm feeling more sorry for Shelby than anything though! Cold??? How does 7 degrees sound about now.....? Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  18. So Sweet!
    Glad everything went well with Rango. Poor Shelby!
    Stay Warm!!!
    Prim Blessings

  19. I think they look lovely the way they are :-) That's nice you kept one of Shelby's pups for her a companion.

  20. Everyone's got to love a cute dog. We have a toy poodle, that rules the roost. I wanted to invite you over to my blog. I have a vintage garland tutorial and giveaway, made from scrap fabric. You must have some of that. Thanks, Cindy

  21. So adorable! I am in love with your babies! Glad to hear Rango is healing up fine!


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