Saturday, December 10, 2011

A New Santa and Our Tree

Good afternoon, where ever you may be, what ever you may be doing, I hope you are enjoying this Saturday!

My Metal Trip Yesterday.............well I made it home, but I won't say without incident And no I did not say accident, although I am fortunate that was not the results!

Now to go to this place........remember we live at a large lake and away from everything! I have to drive over to the next town from the little town I live outside of. It is two lanes roads. I did not scream I did not shake my fist, I maintained myself, but this one lady............Now let me explain I drive a White Pickup and this metal was a stone *beige if you will Color* very hard to see, And when you have a stack of metal that hangs over your open tail gate by 4 FOOT there is nothing to attach a flag to on the end of it making it easier to see.

This Lady.............SIGH *smiles* she was on my rear all the way from one town to the other, the worst of it she was on her cell phone..........She was behind me for almost the whole trip home GRRRRRR......there is one *ONE* stop light in the town I live outside of.........and YES she is still on her phone, and she just keeps creeping up at the light behind me getting closer and closer.....There was someone in front of me, I could not get away LOL!! I bet she was only 2 inches from the end of the metal, I just kept thinking go ahead #*@ you know what I mean *HIT IT* I dare you to hit it!! it might HURT LOL!!!

And then I found myself laughing at this long winded light..........thinking if you get red paint on that clean new metal I am going to jump out of this pickup and make you go to the hardware store get some paint and fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!! *I know you would never want to be on the same road as me HUH?*

So I decide while I am in town to stop at the Dollar Store *This is where said incident took place at*
The Dollar store has a Mexican restaurant beside it And low and behold there are two city cops cars sitting there because they are inside having lunch!! I pull into the parking lot off of the highway and all the metal goes flying to one side of the I am looking out my drivers side mirror and seeing metal..........yes the metal that was sticking straight out the back of the pickup. I creep up into a parking spot well two MIND you!!! And I get out put on a work glove from behind the seat and stand there looking at it with this DUMB founded look on my face. Thinking I wonder if this 125 pound gal can push that stack back over to the center of the pickup bed...........I never seize to amaze just slid right over where it was *Well let's just say not without hurting said young ladies side LOL*, so here I am thanking God out in the parking lot..........thinking if I would of dumped that load of metal I would of been in TROUBLE!!! Not only with hubby and the FIL for bending it all up but with the Law that was close by!!

Ok enough about my trip!!!!! That is the Second deck roof I have gone to pick up at that metal place and the next time..........someone else WILL be elected for the job. I am retiring LOL

On another note I made or finished should I say a New Santa

***You can View more pictures of him HERE*** I love this Mohair I am using for the beards it is so FUN

I am going to have to find out where Denise got this at, so Denise if you read this post please do share with me

And I am going to share pictures of my tree, I have done something to the setting on the camera UGH and I can not get the flash to turn off, oh the joys of my days........I do not have time to read to learn. I wonder if I can manage to put a post it note on the camera that I can put a cheat sheet on it until I figure all of this out *I have them on everything else it seems LOL* Sometimes I even freshen them up, yes I rewrite them and replace them with new ones !!! I need to shut up and share.........before everyone of you clicks the UNFOLLOW button LOL

This is actually a 6 foot tree but darn when you are in a Tiny room it is hard to get a shot of it. Every time in past years when I had a large tree it would be covered with ornaments but no Not this year?? I still have had no time to finish any for myself.

Now on the top of this dear sweet tree it this long UGLEE  *smiles* branch because I do not have a Tree topper, guess I could just print a star on a piece of cardstock, add some glitter and say *There ya BE*

Ok so I have more then one tree, That tiny little thing I have shown in past posts is now sitting on top of the bar
*Well what we wish was a wide bar but instead it is a Want to BE Bar..........between my kitchen and living room. Yes we have to have our fish tree!!! 

Again please ignore that cord?????? and remember those mini Candy canes you use to buy, well darn it all I bought a box but mine appear to be the regular size without the bottoms *Deformed I tell ya*  mama Said There'd be days like this!!!!

Enough of my babbling for one day I am sure you are bored, heck you probably left with the metal story and went on to the next interesting blog to read LOL



  1. It all looks wonderful, Brenda! Glad no accidents happened and you reached for your work glove instead of the 'boxing' one!!

  2. I read all the way to the bottom and I wasn't bored a bit! YOu are too funny. :)
    Your Santa is absolutely gorgeous! Great job!
    I hope you find time to sit down, put your feet up, and just breathe for a minute or two this weekend! I think you have earned a break just for not slamming the brakes on for the tailgate lady. (I always say I'm going to do that, but I know I won't really.)
    Have a nice rest of the weekend,

  3. Your tree is just beautiful. Don't you just love all the Christmas spirit and decorations? Your Santa is amazing.

  4. Oh, I love your fish tree and you got great photos! And your posts are anything but boring! You are always having an 'adventure'! heehee! Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs! ♥♥♥

  5. Love the Santa! I have never heard of a fish tree, before...Very interesting...

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. PS I love your new Santa! And you have a really great price on him! He won't last long! ♥♥♥

  7. Sorry you had all of that trouble with the metal, but leave it to a woman to get the job done. I love your Santa, and your tree is gorgeous! Hugs, Lecia

  8. Wow, your Santa looks regal with his tree scepter in hand. Lovin' your fishy tree :o) and your BIG tree is beautiful with all the red.
    That lady sounds like an accident looking for a place to happen. I'm glad it wasn't at your back end!

  9. Brenda~ Ya always got me on the edge of my seat..giggle..Love the fish tree very cabin style.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. I like all the fish on your tree, perfect for my sister and her husband, they enjoy bass fishing.
    I am glad your metal transport was successful.

  11. Wow Brenda can't believe that lady was tailin' you esp with all that metal on the back...surprised you didn't get a ticket from the officers...lucky lady!! Love the Santa...gotta finish your Santa ornie..I'm behind as usual.
    Have a great Sunday!

  12. Wow Brenda can't believe that lady was tailin' you esp with all that metal on the back...surprised you didn't get a ticket from the officers...lucky lady!! Love the Santa...gotta finish your Santa ornie..I'm behind as usual.
    Have a great Sunday!

  13. Not bored, but laughing. What a funny day. I love the tree ornaments. Even the green light strand:) -Steph-

  14. you cracked me up......
    some drivers make me nuts. I cannot stand it when they are on the phone. NOBODY drives that good!

  15. Brenda, you crack me up, girl! You are just a spitfire, aren't ya? LOL

    I love your Christmas's the prettiest one I've seen so far this year. And your new Santa is fantastic!


  16. love the darling trees(:) hugs..patty

  17. ~ giggling because sounds like my days~ my adventures~ and I can't stand folks on cell phones driving~ a pet peeve of mine~ do they realize they need to drive & pay attention to the road~ no they are all over the road like no one else is around~ mind you I drive slow~ but I am not driving on & off the road~ giggles~

    Love your Santa~ and the tree looks wonderful~ the photo looks wonderful I would never of guessed you were having problems with the camera~
    hugs to you~

  18. Your trees and Santa are gorgeous Brenda! You think you don't have enough ornaments??? LOL - you should see mine - well, that is when we have one....right now it's laying in the front yard. No wagers being taken on whether it will actually make it indoors this year. Glad the metal run went smoothly. Ever think there's a very good reason you've been assigned that job?? ;o) Hope you're having a great Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  19. Looks great Brenda and you got a big laugh out of me with your tree top story and your candy canes, I needed that, Merry Christmas to you my friend, Hugs Marilou

  20. Golly, Brenda, as if you didn't have enough going on you have to pick up the metal that you were dreading doing. At least you are home safe and sound. Your tree is beautiful, I think you have enough ornies on it. The fish tree is cute. You've got me laughing still. Love the new Santa.


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