Monday, December 12, 2011

White Lighting, A Swap, And Mr. Jingles is Here

Well don't ever let Size fool you when it comes to SPEED!!!! OH my word I almost had a Heart Attack!
Everyday when the Mail Carrier picks up my boxes, the minute they hear her Honk her horn, when she drives in the driveway they get all Excited!! So about noon today they alert me that there is a honk? So I open the door and out they go. But WAIT!!! Boxes are now on the deck and I am taking off down the road.

There was this huge Brown dog chasing a car and they were the ones honking not the mail Carrier. Rango and Shelby are on their tails going down the middle of the road?? OMG...........I take off I know that by shouting out Shelby will stop, she minds!! Rango on the other hand is still going, Here I am in my PJ'S yup it is a PJ day girls!! And house shoes chasing after Rango I twisted my already messed up ankle *UGH age and a past injury that I pay for in Pain* So I stop in my tracks but continue to yell out to Rango, I look up and there She is running towards me with the Big Brown dog on her REAR!! Good thing I was there he was just fixing to take a chunk out of her back side when I screamed!!! I went to scoop her up and she turns around to yap at the big dog more........She thinks she is tough at 9 pounds and she can handle anything!! I was so upset by the time I got hold of her I did not even scold her for taking off.

So we come inside, get settled after I let my Heart Rate get back to normal. And then there is another HONK. This time I saw her pull into the drive so out they go again. They love to meet her at her door because she treats them with a bone everyday LOL. SPOILED!!!

And yes I had packages today!! I am a Member of an Etsy team called
And we had an Ornament Swap my partner was Deb of **Stitches To Treasure** I was so excited because we all know my tree is lacking in Handmade ornaments so I wasted no time unwrapping them and they went directly onto my tree.

Three different shaped snowmen Ornies
And a Great card and Candies
Thank you Deb I love them and They look great on my tree!

And Well on Saturday I almost cried when the mail lady did not have a box for me. I have been waiting for this box!! I won a giveaway over on ***Vicky's Blog***

 And here He Is oh my word Vicky Thank you!!
He is so darn Cute MR. JINGLES!!
Vicky also sent me a note pad and a snowman candle

Vicky has made lots of Holiday Make do's!!

Did I mention I had a third tree, YEP in this tiny living room, This is actually just a tree top that is inside of a sifter. Just lit up with a Big Green bell on top and a few sprigs of berries. It sits on top of the TV stand.

Ok so I need to get back to work I am behind yet again!! And it appears a Certain Ankle has a date with a Heating Pad!! OH yeah!



  1. Brenda! You've been having some 'doozies' crop up in your life lately! My Chihuahua did that to a Rottweiler! Scared me to DEATH! Sorry to hear the ankle is in need of a hot pad but glad Lil' Johnny got to you! The ornies from Deb are so cute!! And you think those dogs are spoiled?!!!

  2. Oh my...I played the whole scenario out in my head while reading this...what naughty doggies...hope you're ankle feels better.

  3. Brenda~ So glad no one got bit.Rango is sure sassy.Wonderful goodies.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. It sounds like life is never boring at your house Brenda.

    Have a very Merry Christmas, little Rango's first.

  5. LOL..I know all about Dogs taking off but mine don't come when I call them..I have 2 naughty Labs and tthe one (Maggie) likes to take off every chance she gets and come back when she gets ready
    Love all your ornies..maybe I can make some nice prim ones next year and get in on some swaps : )

  6. Vicky, I am so glad your dogs are ok!!!
    Your ornaments are soooooo adorable! Deb is sooo talented! I can't wait to see what everyone gets.
    I love Mr. Jingles!! Congrats on a great win!!!
    Merry Christmas, Valerie

  7. Hi Brenda - whew - glad the doggies are ok!
    Your new ornies are so cute - I've never seen any like them - adorable!
    Congrats on your win too.
    Christmas blessings!

  8. I wonder if all little dogs have "small dog syndrome!" My Shitzu use to terrify the Saint Bernard we had living across the street! She KNEW when that dog was outside...even though she couldn't see out the soon as he was out...she'd go to the door and bark like crazy. That poor big ole goof...he'd just cower on his front steps...scared to death of the little black storm cloud! Of course this would happen today...cuz you were in your jams!! That's always when that stuff happens!

  9. Oh - I feel your pain - perhaps not your ankle pain, but other not fun dragging a Snow Dog across the yard.....but Rango sure is a cutie! :o) Love your ornies from Deb - and congratulations on your great win from Vicky - she's such a sweetie! Enjoy! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. So glad to hear your dogs are okay.
    Sorry about your ankle.
    Your ornies are adorable! Your tree will fill up before you know it! And Jingles is soooo adorable.
    Congrats on your win!

  11. I know what you mean about crazy dogs. This new one we took in thinks he's a mountain goat. He climbs the wood pile and flies off it to get over the fence and then he takes off. He just loves to run. And they have no idea how small/big they are. Our doxies have the hearts of lions. They are so territorial and so protective of family and each other. I can remember our older male hanging off the face of our neighbor's mastiff, but he wouldn't let go and that dog walked backwards all the way home. Mike had to go over and get him and make him let go. That big dog never messed with him again! Little dogs crack me up. Gotta love 'em!

  12. Brenda, that Rango is a piece of work, as we say in the south! So glad that no one was hurt.

    Your Mr. Jingles and new prim ornies are absolutely adorable! How is it that you didn't have any handmade ornaments? Glad that you're now remedying that situation...


  13. Hi, Brenda, thankfully the girls did listen to you and you were able to round them up in time. Whew!
    I like the ornies you received. I think Johnny is the cutest elf I've ever seen. I'm so happy that YOU won him!
    Merry Christmas

  14. Hi Brenda, Love your ornies, they are beautiful! And congratulations on your winnings, love the snowman esp. Isn't it fun to receive a package, kinda like a kid on Christmas morning. Hugs, Lecia

  15. Brenda
    AWesome goodies~
    Oh,my the poor pooches~ Thank heavens Rango is okay~ oh, my what a scare~
    Giggles over them being spoiled by the mail lady~ treats ~ how sweet~ but who could resist your babies~ they are precious~
    hope your ankle feels better~

  16. Wow!!! I may have paid money to see all of that. Ha Ha. I bet it wasn't funny though. Dogs are scary sometimes. I am glad they are ok and that your ankle isn't to awful. I love your Mr. Jingles and the new ornies. -Steph-

  17. Oh no! Well, that's enough excitement for you to last a good while now. LOL. I'm so glad that big brown dog didn't get lil Rango, but so sorry to hear about your ankle :(
    Ah yes, Vicky makes the cutest goodies, and your ornies are awesome on your tree :o) Take it easy now!

  18. Oh my...never a dull minute at your house! And I know how you feel now when you get those special gifts! I received so many wonderful things this past week! I have my first post ready for tomorrow! You'll need to stop by and proof read it! heehee! I hope I got all of the links right! I can't wait for you to see my pics! Hugs! ♥

  19. OMG, I am so glad they are okay. Sophie scared me not too long ago running underneath the garage door as it was closing (so much for the safety mechanism) and thankfully there was someone right there to catch her otherwise she would have took off and she is FAST!

    What lovely ornaments you received!!! I missed the swap :( but I have been "hibernating" a bit :) so am slowly catching up with some things!



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