Saturday, October 29, 2011

A swap Good Candy My Giveaway and my stack of work

hmmm that is a lot to cover I have a schedule today so best get right to it!! But wait is it cold where you are, did you get snow? They are saying we may have a chance for some of that..........Well you can Keep It!! I won't be disappointed at all...........I do not want Winter weather. It is actually a little chilly this morning but a perfect fall morning.

I am a member of Primitive and Folk Artists of Etsy as most of you know, well we had a swap a Trick or Treat Swap and I got my package from Donna of ****Country Side Cottage****

Donna's Etsy Shop is ****Here****

Sorry for the glare on the photo.......I got two little handmade pumpkins a decorative pumpkin, a Painted jug by Donna with a hen on it! And those candies............YUM!! LOL I love those candies those peanut butter candies, always have they are my favorite at Halloween!

Wow where has this month gone to?? Remember it is not too late to sign up for your chances to win a Vintage grater with a Ginger on it. ***Click here to sign up***

Look at the New venture I have taken? Gee like I need to take on new projects LOL

I have always wanted to do the salt dough ornies these will have homespun ties to hang them, and yes they are wax dipped, speaking of wax I am also doing these, now note I need to redip it and roll some more spices on it but look!

I am still doing orders my stack daily seems to look like this

Yes this is alot of stuff, it will all be sewn, stained, stuffed or painted by this evening!!! 
Now you know why I have not had much time to blog, and oh I am missing everyone's blogs!!
I promise when I get ahead I will make up for the slack of comments on your blogs. I enjoy your comments so much. 
Stay warm and have a Wonderful Weekend


  1. WOW Brenda your work load looks like mine LOL and like me you venture off to try something different..great therapy thats what I doing salt dough gingers and I dip mine in glass glitter looks so like suger LOL..keep up the good work and I so enjoy reading your blog..hugs ♥

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Looks like you made out on the swap too!!
    Busy gal you are!!

  3. hi, Brenda Wonderful swap goodies~ you are a busy gal~ can't wait to see your candles & ornie primmed up~
    Raining & chilly here~ I say keep the snow away for a bit~
    enjoy the day

  4. It's been a beautiful fall weekend here so far. A little chilly..but the sun is out..and there was frost on the pumpkins yesterday morning. I hope it keeps up through tomorrow for trick or treating. I am with you..dislike the cold wet white winter....THATS why I lived in San Diego for awhile!!!

  5. Love your swap goodies! But, that load of work looks daunting. You must work fast to have it stained, stuffed or painted by this eveing! Do you ever have a break?

    Well, it is snowing here and I love it. I'll take what you don't want.


  6. Nice swap goodies! Are you going to post a picture of the stained, stuffed items tonight? We want to make sure you keep your word that they are gonna be done - lol. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. GOOD GRIEF, Bren! I've got 6 Santas to sew up for family Christmas gifts and I'm sweating THAT!! Your load would kill me within an hour!!!
    Stay warm!!

  8. Yup....A one-woman factory. That's what you are....And an amazing one at that.....Eat some more peanut butter kisses and get back to work!! ;o) Happy Saturday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Love your fun stuff and those salt dough ornies are beautiful! Don't worry about us...we know how busy you are! Wish I was there to help you stitch something..or stuff! heehee! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  10. Hi Brenda,
    Love your swap goodies and your new creations.

    I can completely relate with being busy.
    I dont know what is up with me, but I cant seem to get caught up on anything!!

  11. love all those swap goodies!!!!
    Crazy weather back there, my daughter and BFF in Ct. lost power and have lots of the white in Cali I sit in bare feet and shorts in 85 degrees....but daydreaming about being snowed in!!!!!

  12. Oh cool, cookie dough ornies and homemade candles.

  13. Loveeeeeeee salt dough I made some candy corn ones !I'm just crazed thinking about how behind I am .....ugh!
    Lets run away!


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