Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dog Sweaters and a box of goodies

Good Morning a good chilly windy drizzly one here!! Brrrrr.............Ok so it was too early this morning to try to get good pictures. 

And Shelby is thinking gosh MOM!!! don't you know I have gone through a rough year?? I had surgery and I have gained Weight????? I am a big girl now and you forgot to get me a bigger sweater! And I vote we just do not buy anymore of these things anyway LOL.

Yes the one I got is too small UGH!! so I will have to get Shelby a larger one and save this one for Rango to grow into. I can not find Shelby's other sweaters?

Rango looks like she is asking her mommy how to take it off, Shelby is such a whiny clown she just freezes. Rango doesn't seem to mind wearing hers. One thing about it they did not want to stay out long this morning!!
And neither did I !! We are suppose to only have a high of 50 degrees today?? YUCK

I have orders to get done this morning so this is short, I miss all of you and reading your blogs. It finally caught up with me last night, (all of my late nights and only sleeping 3 hours) and I went to bed at 9:00 PM and got up at 4:00 AM this morning. So now I feel refreshed, but honestly I could go climb back in bed right now!

Remember to sign up by the 31st of October for a chance to win the gingerbread on the Vintage grater!!
Simply Click ****HERE**** to get your name in!!

I got a great box yesterday and need to take pictures Karen of ***The Barely There Primitive Bare***
Found some wonderful graters for me and sent them, yes I am still looking for more vintage graters and cup sifters. In exchange for the ones Karen sent I am sending her one of the graters and some ginger ornies. 
For her Kitchen Christmas Decor. Thank you so much Karen

Have a great day I have to get busy on these orders!! Stay warm if it is cold in your neck of the Woods!


  1. Goodness girl - take care of yourself! Glad you caught up on your sleep. Pets to the pooches.

  2. It was no trouble, they were all in my stash! Have a great day, I have a dentist appointment...Wanna go in my place??? lol..

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Your little fur babies are so adorable. Oh how I wish we could have a dog...I'm glad you caught up on some much needed and deserved sleep!

  4. awww they look adorable in their sweaters....I am sure they were nice and warm to go out. Have a great day

  5. Brenda, Glad you got some rest. I worry about you girl. Those babies looks so sweet and comfy in their sweaters. Suppose to be cool here starting tomorrow but today 76 degrees. Enjoy your day.

  6. Brenda, Glad you got some rest. I worry about you girl. Those babies looks so sweet and comfy in their sweaters. Suppose to be cool here starting tomorrow but today 76 degrees. Enjoy your day.

  7. That was so nice of Karen to share her stash with you. Love the doggie's sweaters - my favorite color! Don't forget to rest ~*~Lisa

  8. The pups look so cute in their sweaters. I see graters all the time in the thrifts and consignments, what type do you look for?


  9. Oh my goodness. They are adorable! Ours are short-haired dogs and not one of them has made it outdoors in a sweater. By the time we start on the second one, the first one has wormed out of the sweater! They love the snow but hate the rain and they will all sleep under a blanket in Mike's recliner!
    Glad you got some rest.
    I have some graters for you. flat ones. haven't come across any army blankets but will keep looking. probably ought to get those graters in the mail!

  10. Adorable ~ all bundled up~
    Get sleep~ you sound like me 9pm-4am~ then if I can't sleep the am comes way~ way too early!!
    have a wonderful day~

  11. Your puppies are so cute Brenda. Yep its cold here too, maybe snow tonight.


  12. That will keep them warm!! BRRRR...... Glad you got some sleep. -Steph-

  13. Love their little sweaters. I have to look for Jack's little coat! We are getting snow today. The first snowfall of the season. It won't last but I have to say it's better than rain.

    Glad you were able to catch up on some rest!

  14. How cute they are!looks like Rango is whispering in shelbys ear:)Ive been trying to catch up on all my blog readings for a bit this afternoon.Have a great night sweetie!Big hugs michelle

  15. Your girls are just darlin!!! I could use one of those sweaters today - woke up to snow flurries....Arghh....Time to think about hibernating.....Take care of yourself girlfriend!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  16. I know this is a super busy time for you! I hope you get plenty of rest...when you get a chance! Hugs! ♥

  17. They look so adorable in their doggie sweaters. My little yorkie loves to wear her shirts and sweaters...and gets upset when I try to take them off of her.
    Glad you were able to get some rest. This a busy time of the year for us crafters. I've been keeping very late nights trying to get everything made for my Christmas show that is in 2 weeks.
    Take care.

  18. Those are some sweet pups, Brenda! Was going to look for some graters and sifters at the Festival but they didn't have their usual 'yard sellers' in the back '40'. I'll keep my eyes open.
    Get some rest!

  19. Brenda, I love the sweaters... I always have my little Bella in one too! And of course bows in her hair too!

    I may be able to get my hands on some rusty graters for you from a cute little "junk store" downtown. I have to go tomorrow and I will let you know!


  20. Hi, Brenda,
    The Girls look adorable. Shelby, don't fret about the weight gain.
    We're all struggling with that.
    Looking forward to the giveaway.


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