Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well What a Weekend!! Another one bites the dust

Ok so yesterday did not go as some of you may know I have discussed my sewing machines before. I sewed all day yesterday and my sewing machine started acting funny and I fought it and fought it, worked on it so much until I was blue in the face!! so at almost 11:00 pm last night it died!!! Just Died it was moaning it is is not dead so to speak it is just making a horrible sound and does not sew any more?? OH yeah, I almost lost it, I really did, I cried for a very short period of time due to the stress of knowing how far behind even one day would put me. But I just stopped wiped my stupid tears and went to bed and said tomorrow is another day.

So this morning, about 9 AM I told my hubby he said what are we waiting for let's go get another one, and he told me to call the shop tomorrow in the town he works in and he will take two of my machines in for repair.

So off we went and I got another cheap Singer. I am rough on machines, my dad used to always say I put more miles on a sewing machine then an individual puts on a vehicle LOL

So some seemed to not believe my attempt to get so much done and many do not understand how I can do what I do.  I want to lay out my days work to you and explain. Hope you stick with me and read what my job involves.

#1. I love what I do, I have done this since 1973!  Maybe not at the volume that I do now but for along time.

#2. If you want to sell wholesale you have to be devoted and ready to deal with alot of pressure.

My days always start out at my computer checking emails and orders. I keep them on my computer in a file, but I also hand write them in a book on my desk. Note this is my coffee break, mornings online

Then I make a list of what I need to accomplish

I will share with you some pictures

This is how much of yesterdays stack I got sewed  * look at stack in last post * before my battle with said sewing machine in picture GRRR

This is my counter top that is at my back while I am sewing, each pan is an order
As I get these items sewed they get marked off of the order with a check mark And put into my customers pan. so if you have an order with me you have a pan And this pan is used in many ways before an order is complete. I buy these at Sams in a Big Package!!

This is the center island counter! Look at the graters Karen sent me of The Barely There Primitive Bear!!

After sewing my pans go one at a time to my work space on my table I then trim and turn everything and it is put in piles what needs to be stained, painted black or white you get the picture

I then stain what I can and dry it before stuffing, the other items I have to stuff are stuffed at that time, then the orders is painted etc. These items are then ready to finish so they all get highlighted in one color on my order book. At This time the pan becomes a supply pan, I pull out all supplies to finish the order, bells, trim, tags, everything. The items are put in a box, so if you have an order you now have a pan and a box LOL.

My goal is to do up at least 4 pans a days..........these are large orders several items to an order.

Then I start on one order at a time and complete it, I have your box beside me at my work table and those items are packed as completed and highlighted in a different color on the book to indicate completion.

Then another highlighter is used for shipping with the date shipped 

I know it is hard to believe for some but I have been averaging completing at least 30 plus items a day I have been mailing out about 3 to 4 boxes a day, every day.  But now my work load has reached the point of  more boxes in a day. I am proud of what I do and I take my business serious it is my Job!! And I love it. I am not bragging because I have struggled with months of no orders or just a hand full. And now I am real busy and I am loving it.

I use to work at a western wear factory and sew. I loved that it was a great job. Thus I suppose my effort in keeping it all organized and being able to work in a factory type mode. 
So the Moral of this story is I did not get my work done yesterday but look out tomorrow is a new day!!
And I shall succeed. 

The only sad thing about this month is last weekend it was our hot Water Tank this weekend my Sewing machine, I did have better plans for spending my earnings LOL.........and I was disappointed but then I stopped and gave thanks because If I were not making this money I would not of been able to replace these things. I love my customers. You all provide us with so much more then you realize. In fact tonight you gave us a great meal, we had smoked Ribs, with a smoked pan of potatoes, onions and squash!! Thank you!

Hugs to everyone I have a long night ahead of me, I have to figure out how to make up for my lost time!



  1. Brenda, I am exhausted! I thought I was busy... I got nothing on you! OH MY!!! Though I am right with you, I am hard on my machine and it's making noises too...UGH!!! I am hoping it's just asking for oil.... Happy creating.. I am off to stuff arms and legs! OLM

  2. Brenda,
    feel your pain girl, must have been something in the sewing machine universe that shifted. I can't get a bobbin off my bobbin winder on my machine, GRRR. I have to take to try to get it fixed, hope it is not going to take long or I may have to buy me an inexpensive machine to get me by. Luckily I have everything ready for my show this weekend. Good luck getting caught up and enjoy the success. FYI-you work like I do, but I use the lids from paper carton boxes, LOL We do what we can to stay organized. Have fun!!

  3. Oh Brenda dear - I can only imagine how busy you are! You get so much done in a day...I really admire you! I was just a'jokin when I asked for pics of the finished products! Hope your new machine is humming away..and that your old one can be fixed.
    Hugs and happy sewing!

  4. I just thought I was busy till I read this LOL I"m down to 10 days till set up time for a 2 day show looooong days too 9am-9pm & it doesn't help when you sew your finger lol hang in there! you'll make it!

  5. I knew it. I just knew it. You ARE a factory in a sweet little human body!!! ;o) Truly - I cannot begin to imagine that kind of output - on any level. You are obviously incredibly efficient, organized, creative, and gifted....How frustrating to have a sewing machine malfunction throw things off....Hope you keep on target...You go girl...I know you're happy....Have a wonderful (and productive) week ahead! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Wow! You are one busy crafter, friend! Good luck with that! I am sorry to hear about your machine but when you gave thanks in a time of hardship that inspires me :)

  7. I hope you get some rest in between all these orders! You sound way too busy!! Like they say a woman's work is never finished and I think that is so true esp. in your case. I hope you find time to relax and recoup!

  8. OHHHHHH you need some extra HANDS there GF! I loved reading about your how you complete your orders! I too have a system for working in multiples so I can finish many items at once! So sorry your machine decided to quit on the job!

  9. Looks like a great system you have and I started to get more organized yesterday by bringing bins in from the garage and messed up my back big time.
    I had the same thing happen with my sewing machine and a friend sent me a new commerical one and had it 10 days and had to send it in for repairs. I also have my expensive Viking in the shop also and will be getting it back the 17th so I know how just 1 day can mess things up. You will get caught up and might even feel better when things slow down just for a little while :)

  10. Sorry to hear about your sewing machine ~ but glad you got a replacement so fast!!!
    My fingers started hurting right after the first pan. You amaze me ~ but do try to take a breather now and then!
    Happy Crafting and hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween!
    Prim Blessings

  11. So sorry to hear about your sewing machine! Glad you were able to get a new one. I'm exhausted just reading your post and I'm thinking you don't get much sleep, Lol!
    Take care and happy sewing!

    Happy halloween!

  12. Hi Brenda
    With a work load like that girl you have to be organized..your factory training came in handy..I used to work in a textile factory too so work similiar to you..If I lived close by I would pop round to stuff up for you to help make up your day lost..hugs ♥

  13. I believe! I believe! I would have cried, too, Brenda. Love the way you use the pans. Keep on sewing! ~*~Lisa

  14. No wonder you can accomplish what you are a HUMAN MACHINE! I sat down yesterday to sew up 6, they are not finished yet and I'm just talking the doll bodies!! Must be the pans....yes, the magic has GOT to be in the pans!!!!
    CONGRATS, Lynn, you lucky, lucky Gal!!


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