Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Wonderful Giveaway

Good Sunday Morning to all of you in Blog land

This morning kicked off the Launch for

And they are offering 15 Prizes with the Celebration Giveaway
First place will get their choice of 7 prizes
Second place will get their choice of 3 prizes after that
And 3rd through 7th place will get one of the prizes left over
Now I put this post together yesterday and made a mistake of adding 8th place
So 8th place will get a prize from me but it will be a surprise
So Stroll on over to The PAFA Blog and get signed up

And while you are here do not forget about my Big Giveaway I am giving away 5 great prizes *** Go Here *** And get signed up

So go take a Stroll Through The Pumpkin Patch on Etsy to see the wonderful fall creations made by the talented members of Primitive and Folk Artists of Etsy
Please check back throughout this next week, we have some members that were affected by the Hurricane so they will add items later

I wanted to let everyone know that Rango and Miss Shelby have adapted well
Hubby had to take Shelby by the vet yesterday and the tech informed him
That Miss Jackzie slept all night long with her the first night and did not cry
She has a Wonderful loving home that will take good care of her
*I still miss her though*
Today Rango will get a bath and I am going to attempt to take some
Adorable pictures of her if I can get that to work for me
I will share them tomorrow
Have a Wonderful Day


  1. Hi Brenda!
    I hope the vet didn't find anything wrong with Miss Shelby. Glad to hear Jackzie has a warm and loving family. Can't wait to see picks of that cute white pup!!!
    Have a good one!

  2. She has a bad cold she her face was soaked and she was having problems swallowing etc. so we were worried she has something stuck in her gums

  3. Awww....Poor, poor, Shelby - she must feel miserable - hope she gets better soon. So glad to hear she and Rango are adjusting - and obviously, Jackzie is if she slept all night in her new home. Yea!! Looking forward to the giveaways - and the photo of Rango all prettied up!! Have a wonderful Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Woo-hoo, what a wonderful giveaway and celebration! Thanks for sharing the links Brenda. And glad to hear everyone is adapting to Miss Jackzie leaving home (including you, my friend :O) Deb

  5. Good evening, Brenda,
    Such a busy day in the PAFA house. The grand opening was so exciting. I love our celebrations.

    Thanks for sharing the links and thanks for sharing the updates on your puppies. I'm sure it is an adjustment for all.

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend. ~Natalie

  6. Thanks for sharing all of your good info. I posted a couple of things from the couch!! LOL Hanging out here after my surgery on Friday. I'll be back playing soon!! LOL I have some more to post tomorrow. XO Fran.

  7. Oh boy we sure have a lot going on. So happy to hear your doggies are doing well.


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