Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stress Never Pays SLOW down

Good Morning Everyone
This is going to be one of those posts you know the ones where you sit at
The keyboard and wonder if you can control your fingers from typing a bit
To much for the world to read LOL
so first I will share that my life has been sort of WELL *out of sorts* for awhile
With new puppies, which by the way is time consuming to care for

Two wedding for two sons one in May and the other in July
regular household chores and errands

The list could go on I will not share that boring part with you
As many of us do in the creative world, we always say we will get an abundance of inventory built up before the holiday season is upon us
YEAH RIGHT.........as if that happens *at least for me LOL*

So the busy part of the year has already started for me. Wholesale orders are rolling in Regular orders online And now I have commented myself to a Large *REAL large*
Show in November
Can I pull it off "you bet I can" will I make that deadline "I always have"
And by the way for those that are still looking at my wholesale album and planning on making an order please do not let this post stop you
*I have time to get them done and I appreciate all of you business!* I remember when I opened my store I got the keys in may and opened the doors for business the second week of June I only had three dolls done when I got the keys and I pulled it off
I opened with a full shop of goodies, plus during that time painted the shop and
built displays as well

But this morning something hit me......maybe it was the fact that for the first morning
in over 60 days it is actually nice outside even cloudy. Now I love the sunshine but it can stay hidden for a few days It would not Hurt my feelings LOL

Ok back to my situation, lately I was feeling a bit overwhelmed well STRESSED!!!
And then I realized something

I stopped everything I was doing And I took a long hot shower
Even took time to put lotion on my over dry body I realized that the more stressed you get the more it is not worth it

And I love what I do it is well worth my time
So in the last hour I have accomplished more then I thought I could

I took a look at everything in a new light and slowed down
*does that make sense, to slow down and get more done*

This morning I was looking at my list of three large orders to get out this week
And the regular etsy and blog orders And wow I am more then on track, I am amazed at myself I am FOCUSED and I am HAPPY!!
*by the way Lynn your dolls are almost done*
I always pick on Lynn and make her wait for things

I had promised to get a picture of Miss Rango up for you a new one
well I had let my business prevent that from happening I just kept looking at her and thinking I don't have time poor little girl needs a bath

Do you let things get you overwhelmed
It is not healthy you know!! It does not make things happen
any quicker and it does not make life simple at all
And it just causes you to forget to Enjoy life in general

So I will give my baby a bath tonight and get her pictures done for all to see
She is going to be in a galvanized tub with a big bow just wait!!

Point of this post
STOP, slow down, enjoy your blessings, and know that
you can succeed in what ever you set your mind to do

Stressing will only cause you pain and heart ache
I hope this helps some of those creative folks out there that
Are feeling the stress of the season
Hugs to all Brenda


  1. I can definitely relate to what you have experienced this summer and the stress of all of it. Unfortunately, I don't have the orders coming in like you do, but I can imagine how crazy it must make you at times. It was good for you to step back and relax with some time for yourself...it is amazing how renewed you can feel.

  2. Awww, Brenda, I know the feeling! I'm over the top stressed out right now! Lol. My job, A sick dog, getting my 10 yr old ready for school that starts in 2 days. I haven't finished my items for my giveaway yet (sigh). It sounds like you have your hands full with orders. I know you will get everything done. You do such awesome work. Thanks for sharing your post today. I think I will take a moment to myself today. I have the day off from work. Lol.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. A big hearty Amen to your post Brenda. I've decided to take a vacation albeit a short one this year because I'm just too stressed out trying to work 2 part time jobs and keep my shop open. Can't wait to see the bath tub pictures. Take care.


  4. Oh, I definitely hear ya.. I let myself get stressed out more than I probably shoud.. Since I have started my FB page I have become alot busier filling orders, so with that and my full time job, I haven't even had time to make things for my upcoming craft shows.. But.. I also enjoy what I do and am blessed to be able to do it and that so many enjoy my goodies as well... I will try to take your advice.. Thank you for the wonderful post!! Hugs, Tina

  5. Brenda,
    I needed to hear that. I've been working on an order all day. This has been a very difficult Summer for me. I feel like I have to make an appointment just to stay home to craft! LOL...

  6. I know when I'm stressing, I run around the house trying to get things done. Instead I'll get to a room or the closet, then forget what I was after. So, I come back and sit back down then remember! Then there I go again. My heads been in the clouds the last couple weeks, it seems to be going MUCH better this week. The heat makes me feel lazy too, it's been better this week too, so I'm hoping it stays that way. If you want to call 97 degrees a cool down! Happy crafting!


  7. I know what you mean, I have been trying to get orders caught up and when I think I have it, get another, but that's ok, that is what I want. I only have one show this year, I was doing 3, it was too much, so hoping I can work more on show stuff soon.

  8. That was the best idea yet, pamper one's self when things get too crazy. We all tend to take on more than time allows and pay for it with stress filled days. Getting ready for the Civil War Reenactment started out fun, lots of ideas.I was soon running out of time. Had to take a deep breath and lets things flow as they will, in the end it was fine. Keep plugging away girl, you are so creative, that is sometimes the problem, all these great creative ideas and NOT enough time. Blessing to ya...

  9. I have always been loyal to the saying "haste makes waste" - in so many ways, it is so, so true. I work better "under pressure" (Ha!) - and it sounds like you perform exceptionally well that way also - but it still doesn't mean we have to do it like a chicken with our heads cut off. Glad you found a secret - hope you continue to remember it....Looking forward to that picture of Rango....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. I know what you mean...I always seem to get stress at this time of the year. I'm getting ready for my big Fall show...200,000 to 300,000 people come through this show and I worry that I won't have enough items to take. I've been trying to calm down and just enjoy the creating time. It has helped that now I'm only doing one Fall show and one Christmas show...instead of 5 shows in 2 1/2 months.

  11. Well said! I have learned not to stress about it and really you do get more done that way. Enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully next week we will be seeing cooler days.

  12. I hear ya Brenda. Been there many times and unfortunately I do bring it on myself much of the time. Cannot wait to see the new pictures of your clean little baby.

    Take Care

  13. Thanks for the reminder. Life has been busy for you. I am glad you got to escape long enough for a nice shower. -Steph-

  14. I need to find a stress reliever!
    But I guess killing my husband won't do the trick!!! LOL
    I do have a lot on my plate right now ~ but I will darn it ~ get it done!
    Glad you found a way to relieve your stress. I don't know how you do all sometimes.
    Can't wait to see the cute pics of Rango!!!
    Prim Blessings


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