Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Celebration and Giveaway you won't want to miss

Good Morning, hoping you are all safe if you are affected by this hurricane.

Tomorrow The 28th of August is the kick off for a Fall Celebration for the Primitive and Folk Artists Team of Etsy. It is called *Strolling Through The Pumpkin Patch*

The PAFA team has some wonderful Talented Members that will be sharing lots of Fall Creations, So mark you calendar and be sure to visit, But wait yes yes there will be
Another LARGE giveaway along side of this Celebration

So in the morning be sure and jump on over and get your signed up

I want to thank everyone who commented yesterday on my Blog post sorry I did not respond to you. Yesterday was a new experience here for us. Every time I took the fur babies outside they both kept looking for Jackzie, It was so sweet but I could not help but to feel sorry for Miss Shelby she was not happy because she could not find her.

They did fine last night. Rango slept in her cage all by herself, until about 2 am and she had to go potty but she went right back to sleep, I was worried she would cry all night. I left her out yesterday and left the cage door open and I would find her inside of the cage taking a nap, these pups would not do that before I had to put them in the cage to sleep. She is a sassy little girl, it is so funny every time you say something to her, she backs up sits and starts talking to us, I know I know she is a dog but non the less it sounds just like she is telling us what she thinks LOL, And now she wants to be held!!

Wishing you all a Great weekend


  1. Sounds like another great giveaway, just hope we still have power by tomorrow, lol.


  2. Glad to hear you, Shelby and Rango are all coping - it will get easier day by day for them....Hope little Jackzie had an easier time of it and got lots of cuddles and attention to take her mind off her sis and mom....sure makes you wonder what goes through their little minds....Have a wonderful weekend, Sweetie....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Whoopee! A celebration AND a giveaway, how great is that! Thanks for the links Brenda. And LOL on Rango 'talking' to you, our pup does the same and YES, they are communicating in their own way. Hope Shelby is feeling better today, poor momma dog :O( Deb


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