Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shelby goes for a Boat Ride and I enjoyed relaxing

Good Morning
We went out last night on a Boat ride with the inlaws
And shelby got to ride along, yes we left the puppies at home
they were still sleeping in the same spot when we got back LOL
we found a nice shady cove so Hubby and my FIL could go fishing relaxing!!!

Oh look a Perfect Prim Bowl LOL
Yes when this lake gets up the water gets that high

Yes I threw Shelby overboard
No just kidding I had her leash on her
and let her swim off the side of the Boat
Shelby loves the water

Hmmm what was she thinking
"Oh Mom do we have to go back home?"
"Do you think those kids are OK" LOL

And then Dad caught a fish and every thought she may of had just went away!!!

So Peaceful

We drove around some of the Marinas
People build Cabana's on their boat slips
This one has a couple of Guy's keeping watch over theirs LOL
I took a picture of one of the cabana's but it did not come out some of these vacation homes on the water are AMAZING, and yes I could live like that!!

And then we had to go back home it only lasted a couple of hours but was so Nice
Getting kind of late!!!
I will be so glad when Hubby gets our boat completed rebuilt so we can go out often
Ok so I have several projects to get stained and painted
Working on a large order and trying to get things finished to list
I think I am back in the old Saddle again
Have a Great day


  1. Brenda ,I am so glad that you are feeling better ! Loved the pics ,gorgeous and peaceful comes to mind. Shelby has the sweetest face.Bet it did feel good for her to leave the kiddos a little while.LOL! Looking forward to seeing your new things.Hugs,Jen

  2. Beautiful pictures Brenda. It looked very peaceful and relaxing.
    Looks like Shelby had a good time too! Take Care!

  3. Ahhh Brenda, just looking at those pictures makes me feel relaxed. Thanks for sharing

  4. Beautiful pictures~ looks so relaxing I think it is exactly what Shelby & you needed~ Shelby is so cute~ adorable eyes~
    enjoy your day~ find time to relax~

  5. That looks like a beautiful place to visit and fish. Sometimes I wish we had a motor boat, so we could go out to the islands, but if my arms can't make it, we stick to where I can paddle;)


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  7. What a beautiful lake you live on....and all that complaining about the time and $$$$ Kevin spends fixin the boat!!!!LOLO !!!! And Shelby looks so darn cute........thinking about getting back to her pups!!!! LOL! Great pictures !

  8. Wow - gorgeous scenery, Brenda - those rocks are incredible! Sounds like a beautiful evening - so glad you could get out and relax - and Shelby got some "her" time....She's so stinkin' cute!! Love those eyes! Enjoy your day!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Sounds like the perfect mini-vacation, just what the doctor ordered! You and Shelby certainly needed that. You live on such a beautiful lake. I am green with envy.
    I was raised right on the Mississippi River and I miss it so much. It's only 30minutes away but I can' t hear it at night or feel the breeze coming off it. Mike says if we win that Powerball, we are going to live where we will have a view!
    I am so happy to hear you are back to doing what you love. Hope all that dizziness is gone!
    To Shelby: even new Mommas need a break! Good choice, swimming! Great exercise, great fun!

  10. Hi Brenda~

    Beautiful pictures of the lake. Shelby is too cute!! Love the pic of her & papa's fish.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  11. Nothin' like living on the lake! I love all of the rocks, etc. We don't have that here.
    Shelby looks SOOOO much like my sister's dog!
    Down here we'd call her 'gator bait'! Do you guys have gators out there?
    Can't wait to see you newest creations!

  12. Ahh, how nice is that:) Good for yo and Shelby. She looks very happy, especially when dad reeled in that fish. Good to hear you're feeling better:)


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