Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Boys *Puppies* are 3 weeks old

Hello everyone oh my let's see where do I start with
AGE!!! that's a good one, the vertigo still hangs with me but only once in awhile
This afternoon for example I went to get a load of metal for our deck cover
Well I had to drive home with a load that stuck out of the pickup bed by 6 Feet
A little on the stressed out side by the time I arrived home LOL

They flagged me with a long strip of bright pink plastic tape
now if I was not traveling very fast the strip could not be seen because the wind was not blowing it! Ask me if I went over the speed limit any LOL

And then there was a storm of high high winds last night we awoke to a yard full of downed twigs and leafs and small branches........hmmm took me about three different attempts in the HOT HUMID temps we have been having to get most picked up
I did leave part of the yard and thought maybe I will finish tomorrow
Moral of all of this it seems if I stress any I experience the dizzy spells!!

And then some how I have thrown my hip out and it hurts SO bad!!
I know I have arthritis in it, my left side just keeps going to the dumps on me!!
The hip the knee and the ankle are all shot!! AGE??????

Oh Yes Puppies I am sorry kind of got off of the subject line
They are Three weeks old and just precious

OH lookie they are just so cute and being so sweet
Notice mama's paws on the right there she keeps a close eye on them


They start taking off in all directions
And I throw something large down so they don't do any of their
business on my floor
The one nursing is huge he needs to go on a diet
The other little dark one that is the runt was sick yesterday
I called the vet and they said it was normal for them to get upset tummy's just
like a new baby but he also had a hurt leg and could not put weight on it and he
whimpered all the time, I was taking him to the doctor this morning but he was better
Shelby has a stuffed soft bear she plays with and she now takes it to them on the floor
They crawl all over it and then fall asleep on top of the bear!

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  1. So very good to hear from you Brenda Girl - not so good to hear that you're aching though....Ya know what they say - growing old ain't for sissies....And I'm feeling every part of THAT! Hope you get your bounce back....Those pups are just stinking adorable!! And yup - that lil' piggy is HUGE!! Shelby looks like and sounds like a wonderful mommy - would love to see her taking her bear out for the puppies...Have a wonderful evening Sweetie...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. So sorry to hear your aching all over ~ getting old isn't much fun.
    The puppies are so adorable and growing so fast.
    Have fun and take a break now and then.
    Prim Blessings

  3. I have a great stretch for the hip, but not something I can explain, lol. I fell on mine, years ago, so I try and remember to do my stretches and it hasn't bothered me. I get dizzy spells too, still not sure what is causing them, like you said, age, lol.

    The pups are so cute, they sure are growing.


  4. OMG! They are way too cute! I knew they would be. I just knew it!Shelby is a fine Momma. Those three boys are like night and day, different.
    I'm not sure there is any real cure for what we have, Dear. Some days it's ok and some days it ain't. You may have to give up some of that foolishness, like picking up sticks. Bending over is not good with ear infection, vertigo or high blood pressure. I guess we should count our blessings that we got some rain, right?
    Take care. Take it easy on yourself!

  5. Sorry you hurt so much. I will pray you get relief soon.
    Those puppies are so cute. I would not be able to give them up!


  6. oh those puppies are so cute, gonna be hard to give them up. I hope your feeling better.

  7. Thanks for the Pup Update. I get my puppy fix vicariously through Shelby's babies. (Mine is both male and fixed, so...no puppies here. :~(

    I like to think of her bringing them her bear...

  8. Oh Brenda I hope you are feeling better soon! It's no fun to have all those aches and pains when it's nice out. We had a horrible thunder and lightening storm last night and I though I was going to find a bunch of stuff in the yard, but thankfully not.

    Those puppies are so cute!! How sweet that they like the stuffed toy too :0)

  9. So sorry to hear yourstill not feeling well sweetie,:)!Rest up !Shelbys boys are growing so fast!so cute!Take care of yourself!big hugs michelle

  10. so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well Brenda...hope you get better soon...LOVE the pups...you're right that black one is a chubster! They are precious! Will this be the only litter that Miss Shelby has...?? It's a lot of work!
    patti ;)

  11. Hi Brenda~

    Hope you feel better soon. The puppies are adorable. Have a great day!!


  12. Brenda,
    They are so cute! So sorry to hear of your aches and pains. I guess we all carry our own kind of burdens. Funny how we just keep plodding along!!
    Take care!

  13. hi, Brenda
    The pups are getting so big~ so cute!!!
    Wishing you well~ hope you get to feeling better~


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