Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Puppies, A Celebration, Swaps, and Giveaway life has become a routine of the same titles and subjects to cover LOL

Good Morning Friends Gee I have been going in too many directions lately
First I will share pictures of what use to be the sweetest cutest little critters and
NOW at 4 weeks and 2 days old
I can not get them to stay in one place to get a picture of all three of them
The little one is Punkin
The Big one is Jackson

And did I really say I was keeping Rango YES that is POOP on his head
you should see his rear and NO it did not come from him
Let's just say JACKSON does everything As big as he is LOL
If you make the pictures larger you will see that they are getting the Schnauzers Whiskers
They are growing so fast I turned my head after taking these pictures
And one was in the kitchen under my feet the other in my bathroom and the runt
was just sitting on top of the Bear in the living room looking around
These guys are running me ragged!!!

Just a reminder That my giveaway is still going on
These gals are made from a pattern by Brenda of The Vintage Polka Dot

That is right The PAFA Team of Etsy will be kicking off their
Christmas in July Celebration on July the 1st

So be sure to mark  your calendars and type PAFACIJ into etsy Search
And not only will we be doing a Christmas in July Celebration
We will also be doing a Christmas in July Giveaway

speaking of PAFA we recently did a swap between members of the group
Our Swap this time was for Supply items to Create with

Lots of Great items

Wow I love all of the Items I got

I thought it would assist me in getting my Creative juices flowing
And I am working but just now totally into it??
I do believe it is because we have had a busy summers so far
With one son marrying in May and another one this Friday
Covering out Deck, Puppies etc I just can't find my tail?
*Instead I am finding puppy tails LOL*

Wishing you all a Safe Happy and Fun


  1. Puppies...*sigh*

    Thanks for the fix. :~)

  2. Hi, Brenda
    Oh, they are getting big~ so cute!!! give them puppy kisses~ and hugs to Shelby!!!

  3. Oh my gosh they are growing so fast! Hehhehehe!Don't you want 5 or 6 more?Bet they do make life interesting.Sweet is what they are ,my friend! Still have my fingers crossed for your beautiful witch doll. Have a Happy and Safe 4th too!Hugs,Jen

  4. They are so cute and getting so big!! I bet they are running you ragged! But so much fun....right? LOL!


  5. Those are some adorable lil fur balls you have there Brenda Girl - truly!! Too funny about Rango's head!! Wow - sounds like an exhausting summer to me! And another wedding this Friday? YIKES! Hope it slows down for you so you can soak some it all in....Have a wonderful 4th! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. O Brenda, Im sorry the babies are running you raggedy! But they sure are darling , poor Rango ! Hope Shelby is doing well ! You my dear are too darn busy , just dont forget to breathe! Warm wedding wishes , and a safe and happy 4th to you and yours! hugs lil raggedy angie

  7. they are so stinking cute!!!!!
    we love puppies but I know what mischief they can get into. Love them while you can. soon---too soon---they dark ones will go to their new homes and the real fun will begin--training. Rango looks to be scooting around very nicely. Who knows, perhaps having poop on your forehead will stimulate growth? You don't know. It might.......

  8. Brenda: The pups are as cute as can be...and yes I wondered what that was on Rango's head! EEEEwwwww!
    When will the other two go to their new homes...I'm sure you'll be sad...I'd cry like a baby letting them go!
    Love your swap goodies!

  9. Too too cute, love the pups.
    Great goodies and lots to create with.
    I hope things can calm down and you can get some time to yourself;)


  10. Brenda they are so sweet...hard to walk and look down at the same time so you don't trip over them...are you keeping any of them or all for sale? hugs...Denise

  11. oh my they are so puppy is a handful let alone 3.. good luck! Have a great rest of the week. Hugs, Tina

  12. Your puppies are soooo cute! Have
    a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  13. The puppies are precious..and your swap goodies are great! We traveled to NC so we'll be here for the summer! I'm still getting settled in! Enjoy your week! ♥

  14. Seeing your sweet puppies makes me happy. I know they're tiring when they're so little, but they couldn't be any cuter. Good luck keeping up with them! ~Roberta

  15. Those pups are like little babies needing so much attention and care. That's where all of your energy is going! They are so adorable! Darned if I'd be getting anything done either!
    Love the swap goodies!
    Enjoy the wedding!


  16. OMG they are so cute......poor Rango:( I could never say goodbye to them..would have to keep them all! Love your swap goodies:)


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