Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Wonderful Surprise from Linda

Just got in from going to the mail box and I got a Package
From none other then one of the sweetest Ladies I have ever met online

And just look at what all she sent
Lots of great baskets and look at those little wooden bowls

OH I need to clean and organize and decorate......but I just keep putting it off
I placed two of the baskets and one of the bowls here
I want to clear out this shelf and the other one that sits with it
And have baskets with my movies concealed inside of them

Another basket and bowl this basket will find a home in my bedroom
Will be so glad when I can put the weather Radio away for the year!
Oh what a year of stormy weather it has been!!!

she also sent Four of the blue place mats a Reindeer tea towel
An adorable little ditty bag, A square wooden bowl
A wood candle holder and a Yummy smelling bar of soap!!

I hung one of the baskets on my wonderful shelf I got from
along with the ditty bag
The candle holder and little candle Linda sent sets on top
And one of the baskets is placed up there as well
Now someday I hope to paint these stark white walls a warm neutral color
*That will have to be done in one day so I will not have to hear hubby growl about it*
And look I have completed another project

I will be adding her to my Etsy shop this afternoon
She is a design by Brenda of The Vintage Polka Dot
Ok I have to get back to work, hope you are having a great day
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  1. fun getting something in the mail, huh? she sent me a box too!

  2. Holy Cats!!! That's a lot of baskets, bowls and other wonderful goodies!! And some very neat ones at that! Don't know where that sweet lady finds all those "bottomless" boxes she comes up with....And don't know how she finds time to blog - she has to be full-time busy spreading the cheer she does! I'm sure you'll enjoy all your treasures - they look quite at home already!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Linda sure sent a bunch of neat goodies to you. What a nice surprise.


  4. hi, Brenda
    Wonderful baskets! Linda is spoiling you girls!!!
    Miss Snowgirl is so precious~ great job!!!

  5. What wonderful treasures to enjoy...!!

  6. Wonderful surprise goodies.
    And I love your snowgal.

  7. Wonderful baskets, lovely surprise.
    I haven't hit the consignments in ages, love to look for old baskets.


  8. Brenda love your new snow lady! Linda sure blessed your with lots of lovely gifts !She is such a sweetie!Hugs,Jen


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