Thursday, May 26, 2011

They are HERE!!

Good Morning bloggers........they are here??
NO not the puppies LOL I could not resist !!

I finally got my four boxes of morning glory yesterday evening. I will never let myself run this low on a supply again? Just too stressful FedEx called yesterday morning and it was almost 5 pm before they delivered....they are as slow as SHELBY LOL

The Puppies on the other hand, well let me just explain something to you
Sing along with me.........

How much is that Puppy in the Window?
The one that won't keep me up all night........
How much is that Puppy in the Window
He is such a precious little sight
I will call him my son he will be lots of fun
And he can't be a mom ...... with puppies that won't come!!!
How much is that Puppy in the Window?
And can I swap the one I have at home?????

Ok just Kidding can you tell I am dumb founded this morning
No sleep last night Shelby went to bed with us at the normal time
Went to sleep for about 30 minutes and got up real antsy
She jumped off the bed
So I get up with her and she stayed that way until after 2 AM in the morning
Then at 6:30 this morning she wakes me up barking
NOPE no puppies it seems the friend that bred her with his dog thinks it will be Friday

I am just meandering around LOL......I am so pooped I am actually sitting here with my head leaned over from exhaustion I think I need to go take me a Nap

Miss Shelby better get her act together

The Lake community down the road from me has their yearly Garage sale on Saturday
And I want to go!!!! Right now they have on the map over 30 garage sales posted!!

So I am hoping to have a cage with Mama and babies in it so I can drive the three miles shop, come home to check on them, grab a cold drink and drive back to shop some more LOL..........oh my??
so I need this
To have some of these right away........
Image barrowed from Google images
*look she looks just like shelby!!*
So this Mama can go find treasures on Saturday morning
Have a wonderful day I hope to share a picture of my Shelby real soon with babies
By her side!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Cute, cute! Soon you will be taking your own picture of Shelby and puppies to show off! I'd love to go to that garage sale you're talking about!
    Have fun.

  2. She looks like my Lil Bit. Hope all is over soon and you both can get some rest. We only had one bunch, after that she didn't have anything to do with a male that came sniffing around her. LOL

  3. Oh, she is getting close~look forward to seeing the little one's~ Must of been one of them nights~ I didn't sleep much either~ crazy weather~ cats bouncing off the bed chasing each other~ A nap sounds wonderful~~~LOL

  4. Sheesh you shouldn't tease a girl like that ! lol I hope she hurries up not only for the sake of you get some great bargains but i think blog land is ready for puppies! lol Maybe she was nesting last night , and maybe you will have puppies tonight , good luck , cant wait to see pics of Shelby with pups and your new treasures! Enjoy your day hope you can get a nap! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  5. Was there a bright light with a choir of angels when you opened your Morning Glory box? LOL - I'm on the bottom of my last box too...don't know what I'm gonna do! Good luck at the sale and with the pending arrival ~*~Lisa

  6. Oh I can feel your excitement abouot the MG filling!

    I sure hope Shelby has her pups soon so you can, so they say, 'get on with life' sure puts you in kind of a limbo state doesn't it.
    Can't really go too far from home.
    But it's going to be so worth it when those little faces appear.
    Praying for a safe delivery for mom and a very stressless day for you.


  7. Gee that really was unfair !LOL ! I have been anxiously waiting on Shelby to have her babies .Praying that she has a safe delivery soon.Gretchen did not appreciate me waking her up to tell her that Shelby was now a momma ,not .Hehehehe.Glad you got your MG filling. Hope you get to go to the sales and find lots of goodies .Hugs,Jen

  8. Worse than having one of your own, lol.
    My guy is sick, so hate leaving him myself.


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  10. You're a big tease! Had me going for a bit too....Hope they come soon - for all of our sakes! ;o) Ok....what am I missing here....what is morning glory?? I'm assuming you're not talking about the flowers?? (Not stupid, just maybe a little "sheltered....") Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  11. Oh you stinker! I thought for sure I was going to see some puppies when I came to your blog. LOL! I hope everything works out so you can go to your sales on Saturday. I sure wish we had something like that!!

  12. Hi Brenda,

    Oh boy, can't wait to see Shelby's lil' babies.. so exciting. Hoping you get a chance to go to the sales this weekend.

    Blessings for a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend,

  13. Have fun at your sales, and the puppies will come in the middle of shopping!


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