Friday, May 27, 2011

I am getting old I have lost my patience

Ok so my eye sight is not what it used to be
I have the normal aches and pains plus those that are from past injuries etc.
But darn it with Age I have just lost my patience!!

I had to jump through hoops and try 6 times to get signed into Blogger??
I still can not comment on others blogs? I promise I am reading your posts
Gee I can't even sign up for giveaways?
Which makes me think that some of you may not be able to sign up for my giveaway

then go to my facebook page and leave my your entries there
I will count them for this giveaway
And I have decided that

I do believe that Shelby is just one of these instead of a dog
She will only lay in here if I am on the floor in front of the cage door??
Here she is today would *should* be her official DUE date???

She is Miserable she is laying on the floor beside me right now
I do not know who paced the floor more this morning me or her LOL
She only got me up at 1 AM and at 3 AM this morning? Another restless night
I feel so sorry for her
*and for me because without a miracle today I will not be going
treasure hunting in the morning, I won't leave her alone if she has not had her pups*

I do believe I understand why I am having a Creators block
Seems I feel like I can not get anything done until after these puppies are born
I am waiting ............and waiting? And this should not be keeping me from
doing anything??
I do have a couple of items started both are designs by

A witch and a Snow Lady I also have a Scarecrow and an Annie started
I will not pick up the brushes to do their eyes
be my luck I would mess up if someone in this house decided to go into labor??
I know you guys are probably about to give up on me sharing puppy pictures
I sure hope the next time I have to pull off the magic act to sign into blogger
and post that I will be jumping for joy and sharing pictures of the new Mommy?
Have a Wonderful Weekend


  1. I have noticed some sites are not working right, but in general they are ok for me. I do know that with all the java programs and banners, that can slow down a site.

    Poor pup, sure hope she has her pups today and you can both relax;)


  2. I saw a suggestion on artymess blog to unclick "keep me signed in" and that fixed the problem


    This is Artymess' blog where the comments on how to fix the problem is.

  4. Poor baby I hope she has them soon. I am also not able to comment on most blogs.

  5. I think blogger is driving most NUTS lately with all their lil issues if it's not one its ten others! lol Poor Shelby , I so ache for her she looks so miserable in todays pics but she is awful cute with her fuzzy ears and her belly o babies! Breathe Brenda , Ill keep praying she has pups soon and you get to find a bargain after all! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  6. Hi,Brenda...Shelby looks so forlorn, like she's thinking,
    "Mom, wanna help me out here?".
    This is exciting for us, but
    you and Shelby are clearly
    ready for the big moment. I
    hope you get to go this
    weekend like you were planning to.
    And yes, with your lack of
    sleep I wouldn't paint any
    faces yet! It also seems like
    quite a few people are having
    different problems with Blogger.
    My message says that the home page is not available. It takes me a few tries to get to the
    Warm Regards,
    Susan B., Western MA

  7. Oh - Brenda - that witchie poo is looking all kinds of cute!!! Love me my witches you know!! Poor Lil' Shelby....Poor Lil' Brenda - maybe you should knit some puppy socks or something?? ;o)

    PS - I posted a few work-arounds for the blogger issue on my blog a day or so ago. I know it's not the same problem or fix for everyone, but it's definitely working for me if you're interested....

    Smiles & Hugs to you and Shelby....(Giver her a BIG hug - maybe it'll prompt those babies to get a moving!) ;o) Robin

  8. I haven't had any trouble but I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox a while back. I don't know if it makes any difference or not. I also have a little satellite called Wild Blue because high speed isn't available here in the sticks and dial up was about to turn me off to the internet altogether.
    Poor little Shelby. She is going to have holiday babies, isn't she?
    You have a safe and delightful weekend. I think everyone should take down time this weekend!!!

  9. Brenda, I signed in and did not click keep me signed in and so far I have been able to comment. Good luck.

  10. Hi Brenda: I too have had terrible trouble with blogger over the last week or so...seems to be working for now though...I feel so bad for poor Shelby....hope she goes into labor tonight!! Love your unfinished Sanger Dolls-esp that witch...can't wait to see her know I loooove witch dolls!! Is this the one from her new pattern of 4 dolls? Love her patterns!

  11. Hang in there Grandma! I remember when our German Shorthair had pups. My hub and I had gone to Montana for a floral show; we asked our daughter to stay the weekend with the dog, well she got called into work so her boyfriend stayed at the house. Sunday am we get this frantic call from him saying the puppies were coming! HOw many? 8, no here come's 9, NO! there's 10!!!! Thankfully that was it. I was a long 9 hour drive to get home but Maggie and her pups were fine and the boyfriend was bragging about how he was the only one there! Hope all goes well for Shelby!
    PS-if I sign in under Anonymous I can leave a comment. I'm so frustrated with the blogger BS I'm ready to scream.
    Take care,


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