Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 66 and no puppies??

Ok so I am really starting to worry here?

I have been researching this and naturally it is Sunday tomorrow is a holiday??

Similarly, if your dog’s pregnancy goes beyond 69 days, something may be wrong and your dog should see a vet. She may need a C-section to help her deliver her puppies.

On Friday shelby starting throwing up which they say is a process during labor?
She was milking and now there is nothing?
I suppose I am worrying to much, hubby seems to think she will be fine and have them soon, I am really getting concerned here?

So if there is no puppies by Tuesday Shelby will be going to the Vet!!
Sells are slow
I am sure with graduations, proms, weddings, family vacations etc.
*and need I even add the High price of fuel?*
People are just not spending much at this time
I have moved some items to Ebay at great prices

You can find my listings HERE
No pictures today sorry? I will keep you updated on Miss Shelby


  1. Poor Shelby, I hope she and her pups are ok and she delivers soon.


  2. Are the puppies still moving?
    Is she still eating?
    Does she cry out in pain?
    Is she drinking?
    You don't want her to dehydrate.
    Was she bred on separate days? That would make it 63 days from first bred to 63 days from last bred.
    If she is accepting of your attention and eating and drinking, she should be fine but if she is crying or pushing hard and nothing is happening, you need a vet's help. That is why we finally quit breeding. Too many c-sections, too hard on mommies and us!
    I will be praying for Shelby. I know how hard this is for her.....

  3. Poor, poor, Shelby (and momma!!) Best thoughts and wishes for a speedy and healthy delivery....(Why do things like this always crisis on weekends/holidays??!) Hang in there...Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  4. Oh you have me worrying now. Linda is right. I agree with her. I pray all goes well.

  5. Oh no poor little Shelby. I hope she delivers soon, maybe it will be tonight!!

  6. Poor little Shelby !Praying for her and you .Huge,Jen

  7. Oh Brenda Sweetie...
    I am praying, praying, praying for Ms Shelby and her little babies.

    Can you still feel the babies moving? Sweetie watch her for crying, yelping out or trying to push, and if nothing is happening then, I say you need a little help.

    Keep us posted and I pray that everything goes well sweetie. I agree though, if nothing by Tuesday it wouldn't hurt to have the vet take a look and see what he thinks.

    Bless her heart. This may be her first and last litter hu? This worrying is enough to drive a Mom nuts.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs sweetie. Love your little witch as well. She is cute as a bug.

    Love, Sherry


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