Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finished my Witch

Well I decided to sit down and get something done today
She is a design my Brenda Sanker of The Vintage Polka Dot

She is so much better in person, I should of tried to get better pictures
I was just thrilled to get something done

Shelby has gone in and out of her cage by herself several times today
Right now she is resting in her dad's lap
She did not want to eat so she hid her food all over the place
Now she even put some under my shoe and moved my shoe on top of it LOL
So she went outside to sit on the deck awhile with dad and I gathered up food!!



  1. sounds like Shelbs is nesting?? I looooove your witch doll!!! Brenda makes the best patterns!! Can't wait to see the babies!!


  2. I love your witch doll ! Poor Shelby ,doesn't sound like it should be much longer .Looking forward to seeing the babies !!! Hugs,Jen

  3. BRENDA!!!!!!EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK! You KNOW what I'm going to tell you, don't you?!!!!! Let me know when she's 4 sale, please!!
    Shelby's won't be long now!

  4. Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY!!! I'm LOVING your witchie poo!!! Dang you do good work, Brenda!!! And that photo of Shelby is so sweet....poor little momma baby....I think the hiding of the food is a sign....(But I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no puppies!!!) ;o) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  5. Brenda, I love your witch doll, she is awesome!
    I hope poor Shelby has her puppies soon, I think the time is near. Wishing you a lovely holiday!
    Hugs, Lecia

  6. Sounds like she knows it is soon. I'm excited for her and you!
    The witch is very cool but I think puppies are much cooler!
    Glad you were able to get something you love done! :)
    Maybe I'll hear from you in the morning with good news!

  7. Brenda the witch is soooo cute~ Awe Shelby~ She looks so ready in this pic~ like I just want to get it over~ and can someone help me~

  8. Hi Brenda:

    I love your witchie doll. You are such a talented gal!!!

    You pic of Shelby is so cute. Bless her heart.



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