Monday, March 28, 2011

My lost post from yesterday

Gee I could not get my  pictures to stay on my post once I hit publish yesterday
I will try again this morning, seems I am not the only one having this issue with blogger!

If this picture does not appear for you click on the tiny wee box and it will come up
?? But if it does show...........then Good deal LOL
Just look at the no hair dog oh my it will grow back out again
Better then that just look at that face she stayed this way until late last night
and now she is her normal happy self again!!
She was so confused about us leaving her, poor thing Shelby was  not happy at all!!
But in May we should have little Shelby's I can't wait!!
Remember to mark you calendars
The Primitive and Folk Artists of Etsy will be having a celebration starting on
April the 1st
You will love all the new spring items everyone will be adding to their shop for this
Here is a peek at one of mine

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday


  1. What a face, she was mad at mom, lol.
    But now she will be a mom and can't wait to see her pups, they are going to be so cute.


  2. It's good to hear Shelby is home and safe again. Glad everything went o.k. She's adorable!
    I love your raggedy you made she is adorable too!
    Prim Blessings!

  3. She didn't look too happy with you :( So glad she is home now safe and sound. Her pups will be so cute!!! Love your raggedy!!!

  4. Breeding and a haircut?!? No wonder she was upset!
    Did you do the artificial insemination or the old-fashioned way? It seems like she was just a baby......
    Puppies are so precious. Will they be full-blooded or mixed? There are some really awesome mixes out there these days. Enough questions! How is she doing now? Done being mad at Mom? We raised the mini-dachshunds here-in the house-for 10 years. Absolutely love puppies but it got to be too much after we ended up with 9 we couldn't part with! LOL So now, the yard is fenced in for them and they have this room as their own. We affectionately call them "OUR WIRELESS SECURITY SYSTEM"
    I once heard--if you want a friend--get a dog.
    If you want 2 friends--get another dog!
    Love you---big hugs to Miss Shelby!

  5. aww she surely does look upset,glad she got over it!cant wait to see some puppies!have a wonderful day sweetie!blessings and hugs michelle

  6. awww Mom she sure was not happy with you at all!!! Im glad she made it home and has herself a wonderful new haircut, hope it gets warm soon for her to enjoy it. I m happy though she has forgiven you ! I cant wait to see puppy pics! have a great monday
    lil raggedy angie

  7. Oh dear she does not look best please with you!!! And she looks a bit...erm...shorn.LOl But she will soon forget because I just know her Mom will spoil her :)

  8. Brenda,

    Well...Miss Shelby's face says it all now doesn't it? LOL! And then to go take her picture when she's nekked! Oh my! What a mom you are! LOL! She's too stinkin' cute!


  9. There she is, the cute wee Momma dog! Nope, she don't look to happy there Brenda but glad to hear she has forgiven you and everything is back to normal today. She looks so darn cute 'necked'! Deb


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