Saturday, March 26, 2011

My giveaway from Heather and Lori

Well I am back home ok first off the wind is blowing so blasted hard today!!
So I get to town and an ambulance is passing through right by the quilt shop, traffic was backed up so I figured I could go one day next week.
Yes she lets me bring Shelby in when I shop as long as I hold her.

so I go on to the grocery store, now when I go to walmarts it is never hardly busy but with the weather getting nicer there must be several at the lake because that store was packed!! UGH!!

After blowing away trying to load my groceries I was exhausted
so I head home and pass a LONG funeral and then a highway patrolman flies by me and up ahead is a pickup with a boat that lost a wheel? Traffic backed up again!

I stop at my mail box *one of those down the road a community box*
They were putting mail up and he informs me he has a package for me
And then hands me this envelope much to my surprise I got a card
from a great gal

How sweet it was from Linda of Parker's Paradise
thank you Linda you just made me feel so wonderful today and yes
after putting my groceries away I have grabbed a glass and ice tea and I am
and then I opened my box
If You recall I won a surprise giveaway from
and from
I remove all items from the box

And carefully unwrapped all of them WOW ladies thank you so very much
What a Wonderful box of Goodies

A Jar of Pantry Corn
A Ditty bag with a grubby candle
A bag of potpourri
Two grubby candles and a short nubby one
Three waxed clothespins
Two homespun rag coasters
And two Pantry cakes

I love them all Heather and Lori thank you again!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend
Can't wait to pick up my Shelby this evening!


  1. How sweet of Linda!
    Wondeful goodies from Lori and Heather.

  2. I am glad you had the lovely card from linda and the great package from Heather and Lori to cheer you up. Hope your weekend is wonderful

  3. Wow, I love all your goodies, Congratulations, they couldn't go to a better person!! Enjoy!!! Hugs, Lecia

  4. Brenda,

    Love the giveaway goodies you received. Linda was very thoughtful to send a card that brought a smile to your face.


  5. Hi Brenda,

    You had one blog hoppin blown away day !

    Sweet giveaway goodies ! I love mine !

    What a sweet and thoughtful gesture .. a card from a blogging friend !

    The wind has been really bad here too, and it is not warm.. I just wanted to leave my groceries in the cart last evening in the parking lot at the store.. and drive off in my car .. it was too cold to put the groceries in the car ! But, alas, they cost too much and my dh would have killed me ! LOL

    Have a fun weekend !

  6. Loved your treasures! Congratulations!

    Deanna :D

  7. I used to send cards all the time. Then I got a computer and somehow I changed. I made my own cards from scrapbook supplies. This year, I didn't send Valentine's to my grandkids. I missed Mya's 5th birthday. I feel like I am not the kind of friend I should be. So I got out some cards and your name was one that came to my mind. We are friends and I should let you know that I care. Wish you well. Let you know that I do think about you. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Thank you everyone for commenting, my online friends are the greatest
    I enjoy all of you so much

  9. We are so happy that you love all your prim goodies you rec'd and thanks again for entering in the giveaway, have a wonderful day!!

  10. Good Morning, Brenda,
    Wow you had a crazy Saturday! Our WalMart SuperCenter is always nuts. The high school kids just go there to walk around (not much to do here in South Dakota!)

    I love getting friendly mail...few and far between. And especially if it is a package. I have your little watermelon slices in a basket on my cookbook shelf...just awaiting for spring here. It is snowing outside my window right now!

    And Shelby...this is a story we will certainly be following!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Natalie

  11. I love cards,that was sweet of Linda. And you sure got some great goodies!

  12. Oh Brenda, you've got me huffin and puffin as I'm tryin' to keep up with ya through all that... LOL!
    Linda is awesome! She sent me a wonderful handmade card too:) Seems as though it's a crazy time right now with the weather getting nicer. Be careful when you're out:)

  13. Wonderful giveaway goodies and how sweet of Linda.



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