Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Just one more day to sign up I am so close to 100 entries
And you know that means I will be giving away two of these gals!!

Well good morning peeps, we awoke to a steady light rain this morning
Much needed in Oklahoma it has been so dry and the wild fires have been bad!!

With this rain all the plants should be poking their little heads out soon
I can not wait, I looked at some amazing Elephant Ear bulbs the other day
really pricey but they were so neat and HUGE
The are called uprights and I want to get a couple of the black ones

They get large and tall!!

Update on Shelby
She has settled back in just fine, she is still a little moody but she is
glad to be home, I will keep you up to date on her progress
and share with you her puppies when they are born etc.

I am sewing and will be adding to my sale just running a little late friends
I am making so great ditty bags that will be a SALE SPECIAL
and other items as well so for those shopping be sure and check the sale out tomorrow
Hope you all have a lovely day


  1. Beautiful plants, all mine die, so need to redo the soil this year.


  2. My mom has elephant ears too but I've never seen the black ones -they are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I adore those elephant ears. My sister is about to leave her elephant ears (which get to be about the size of my torso) behind since she bought a new home. I wonder if I can pull them out of her front yard...lol!

    Deanna :D


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