Saturday, March 26, 2011

Off again today

Yes you heard me right, maybe I am enjoying my time without Shebly
Oh my I can not believe I said that, maybe I know it is because she is coming
home this evening.
I am behind for those that are shopping my sale I will add items but it will be late
this evening or in the morning, I did add a few vintage items today and will be adding more of those as well as some fabric.
 I went goofing off all day yesterday was gone from
8 am until a little after 2 pm and I actually had a great time
And this morning I will be heading out to do some other running
I am going to a quilt shop and then to buy groceries bad idea!
Going to the quilt shop I may have a hard time not getting into my grocery money LOL
Just kidding I stay on top of things like that
Hope you have a wonderful weekend


  1. Have fun at the quilt shop!oh who needs food,peanut butter and jelly will work , glad to hear shelbys comin home.enjoy your day,before you know it your gonna be havin a houseful of little shelbys,how exciting!blessings and hugs michelle

  2. A girl after my own heart....go shopping first then grocery shop! LMBO!I know you will be glad to see Shelby !!!

  3. Enjoy your shopping , I agree who needs food , craft / supply shopping is far more important lol I can't wait to see all those new lil shelby's when they arrive . How fun . Hope you have a great weekend. hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  4. Everybody deserves a little time off. You work too hard! Enjoy the shopping and give Shelby big lovings for me.

  5. Brenda,

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to the quilt shoppe.


  6. Oh good! You need to take time and goof off gal.


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