Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seems I am including too many freebies with my creations

Ok I am on a Roll..........TGTIF *Thank God Tomorrow is Friday* LOL
Cause this week needs to just be over with and a new one needs to start

So I completed orders today and I now sit and look at all of these boxes trying to recall what I must of done???
So I suppose in the morning I will be opening up boxes and checking them out!!
Wait a minute if you are a Customer of mine or considering becoming one
Please Note I do NOT make these mistakes I am not abscent minded
It seems I have misplaced my favorite needle
I have crawled around on the floor with no luck hoping I had just dropped it
I have looked in my clothing NOPE not there
*quick note I am BAD about sticking the needle into my jeans*
Or as most of you who know me well my PJ bottoms
because yes I hang out in my PJ's in the Winter time who needs to get dressed
if they stay at home all the time LOL
And YEP I have three pin cushions that sit on my work table
I just tucked the needle into my jeans while I am tying something off and waiting
to pick it up and start stitching again!
So I will be looking for my trusty FAVORITE needle in the morning
I think for now I need to call it a night
NO packages will be shipped with Dangerous Objects included
***** Hope I haven't hurt my business here LOL*****
and I hope you are having a better evening then I am


  1. LOL!!! I totally trust you, Brenda!!! You are a dear!!! LOL!

  2. Oh no, the misadventures of Brenda at the Rusty Thimble! Well, I hope your hubby doesn't accidentally find it:) Yeeeoow!

  3. I am always loosing needles and my husband finds them with his foot, lol. And I wear pj's too, nice polar fleece with funny designs, warm and comfy;)


  4. oh how funny.Im a pj girl too all the way.I have to admit the warm fleece pants and bottoms i even drive the kids to shool in,lets just hope i never get pulled over or boy oh boy im gonna be pretty embarrassed lol.have a great night,blessings michelle

  5. Just hope you don't find that needle by sitting on it! I stick mine in my shirt!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. LOL, be careful where you sit Brenda!! Hope you find the needle without doing yourself or anyone else harm and BTW, you are not alone in making up multiple packages and then wondering which one is which! Have a good sleep, everything will look much better in the morning! Deb

  7. Girl you are a joy! I love it, in your PJ's, loosing things, & forgetting what you are packaging!
    I would loose my head if it wasn't attached! ( and at christmas I only wrapped 1 present & tagged it to the wrong kid, only 1( and my nephew was thrilled the bath & body was for his sister & not him!LOL)
    also I got the bunny!Yeah, adorable! Adorable better then the pic, great job girl!
    thanks so much!
    Keep that sewing machine oiled up!

  8. Oh your to funny:) My Partner is great at finding Needles and other pointu sharp objects with his...erm..behind!!!(Sorry)
    Wish I could wear PJ's all day *sigh

  9. Sooo funny. I do that too (put the needle in my clothes) Thank God I don't sew so much! But I've never had a favorite needle.

    That's when you know you are over the edge! LOL JK

  10. Well we found the needle......geesh
    I had taken a shower and changed my pj's and it was in the other pair.......So I just went to bed early and had dreams of sewing machines, needles, and bunnies all over the place OH my gosh!!!!!!!!!!
    This morning I feel like I have had no sleep imagine that LOL

  11. This is one occupational hazard I share with you. I'm forever using the arm of the couch as a pin cushion during a project--the husband HATES it when I do this...
    Hope you find your favorite needle. It's always great when you find the ones that are just the right combination of characteristics.

  12. I to have a bad habit of sticking my needle in my jeans usually in the knee area as I sit with my legs crossed when I stitch. Now how come when I know I stuck it there I can't find it when I'm ready to start stitching again. Such a mystery. Glad to hear you found yours!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  13. Brenda,

    You are having a time this week, aren't ya girl? Well hope you find your favorite needle before you unpack too many boxes.

    I too work in my jammies, maybe not all day but at least for part of the day.

    Hope you have a better day.


  14. I hope you find your favorite needle this morning.

  15. Well you gave me a chuckle this morning...I think ALL of us 'creators' have A FAVORITE TOOL - MINE, LIKE YOURS, IS A NEEDLE....I have used the same one even has a slight bend in it from use - but it works the best.
    I too have lost it many times but it always shows up...sometimes it takes crawling on all 4's for many, many minutes till it pops up - even found it down the side of the sofa.

    I hope you find it kiddo - but if I find it in my sheep when it arrives I will happily send it on back

    Have a wonderful day Brenda,

  16. OPPPPPSSSS, guess I should have read everyon's comments first - I see your found the elusive needle.

  17. LOL! I hope you found your needle Brenda! I stick mine in my jeans all the time too :0)

    Have a great weekend!
    P.S. I just saw that you included me in one of your treasuries, thanks so much! I've posted it on my blog and Facebook. You made my day....I've been in kind of a slump and that gave me the motivation to do a blog post.

  18. I an cracking up! I find my needles in the strangest of places. I also have a favorite needle that absolutely cannot be replaced.
    BTW~ I wear a night gown or dressing robe many days, all day long. It's great to work from home.

  19. I used to have the really bad habit of sticking my needles in my mouth... until I almost swallowed one! Now I pin them in my shorts.

    I always wear the comfy cotton shorts I sleep in all day long. You've got to be comfortable while crafting!

  20. Congrats on finding the elusive little devil. Now I'm wondering what makes that needle so darned special??

  21. Oh goodness! I'm so glad you found it! Last night, a friend had a craft night at her house. I was in the chair, on the floor... I kept sticking my needle through my jeans so I wouldn't lose it. I only lost it a couple of times, lol. So glad I found it before her kids came back home.

  22. Glad you found the needle.


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