Wednesday, January 26, 2011

He has Diagnosed the Problem

I am a Wild Sewer a Machine Abuser LOL
Well the Mechanic came home and became a Sewing Machine Tech
After dinner mind you, he could not eat fast enough for me
Then he decides to take a shower? Dang he did not have to be clean to work!
Then he sits and rests for awhile *I know he deserves it he does work hard*

And the outcome was not looking positive in fact he goes out to the building and gets the other machine, Yes I was sitting and moping!!

But I love him he is my Valentine It will be ok I told him I would figure it out

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!
He goes back over to my machine and decides to screw it all back together again
And poof it started sewing right???? GO figure of course if you could of seen all of the gunk he removed from it, and yes I clean it, but when you dig deep into a sewing machine you would freak out if you could see how dirty it can get.
So he oiled it real good they always tell you where to oil your machine at, but the inside of it was hanging up and binding the motor the metal parts were all real dry and covered with lint, mind you we are talking about the guts of the machine here not the simple parts
and now it has to rest until I can sew with a scrap of fabric for a bit
But I am now a Happy Camper
So I will get up in the morning and sew to my hearts content
I needed a break tonight anyway
YAY I may have to bake him another cake LOL
Thank you for being so sweet with the emails and comments
Off to watch TV with the sewing machine tech
*shhh.........don't tell hubby LOL*


  1. That is a great post Brenda, at least DH put it back together again! Have fun sewing! Hugs Marilou

  2. LOL!!
    Great post, Brenda.
    And I am so glad you are good to go again!! :)
    Enjoy your evening.

  3. YAY, no ambulance bill! But are you sure a cake is what the repair man's bill consists of? Hahahaha

  4. Brenda,

    Aww...your hubby was so sweet to fix the machine for ya. Now you do need to send one of the others to get fixed so you have a backup.


  5. What a sweet husband and you are lucky to have a handy one also. Have fun sewing !!!

  6. Such a sweet Man. But they do drive you round the Bend in the Yes he deserves another Cake

  7. Oh how exciting... a jack of all trades. I've got one of those too. So glad he fixed your sewing machine and good for you for being so patient.

  8. So glad he got her going...don't want you to have a break down lol...sounded like you might be getting close....we do love our machine. Trish

  9. Our sewing machines...we get ridiculously attached to them, don't we? Oh my.
    Congrats on yours being all better. :~)

  10. I always say that if the house caught fire, the first thing I would grab would be my sewing machine. Second my laptop!
    Sew happy to hear it's fixed. It's nice to have handy Hubbys.

  11. Oh wow Brenda!Thank goodness you still got all your fingers!as soon as I read your first post on this dilema I immediately heard my moms voice in my head telling me I better oil mine lol.Ive had it since she passed away.I love it soo.I better get the book out and figure out where to put some oil.the girls are always asking if they could use it but I just cant bear the thought of it getting broke.They settled for me teaching them how to crochet.single and double stitch all the had to give the youngest a refresher course last night.Now I realize why my mom was so frustated teaching me and pawned me off to my grandmother to teach me lol.have a great day sewing away.blessings michelle

  12. LOL! Loved this post. I am so glad your machine is all fixed! It probably needed a break and decided this was the only way to get one :0)

  13. Brenda
    Too good, your moping, just like I do! chocolate!LOL!
    Glad to hear>>all survived the evening!
    Hope your day was a wonderful sewing day!

  14. Loved your post Brenda! Sew glad your mechanic was able to put your machine back together and it works again!
    My lips are zipped ....there is no need for your hubby to know about your mechanic! ;)

  15. So glad he was able to fix it for you, that's wonderful news!

  16. Glad to hear your machine is fixed and running again...Sew on...


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