Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Day to Sign up for both Giveaways

Good Monday Morning
Hope your week is off to a Great Start
I got up at 4 AM this morning??? Oh my word LOL.....still having Coffee!!
Lot's to do today, but I did not have to get up that early, guess I went to bed
with too much on my mind!
I have already addressed Valentines day Cards to a group I am in
I have 4 Boxes packed and ready for the postal carrier to pick up
And I have 6 to get ready to ship tomorrow
Oh and did I tell you I am sewing sewing and sewing so I can have my sale
OK I AM TIRED now I am going back to BED LOL

Don't Forget today is the Last day to sign up for my January Giveaway
I will draw names tomorrow, there will be three winners that is right 3 Prizes going out
Do get  your name in by clicking *****HERE*****

Today is also the last day to sign up for a Chance to Win this Sheep
He is being offered on my Facebook Page all you have to do is Like my page and leave a comment on the post
Now when you get on my page you will have to scroll down to find the post

We have a Nasty Artic Blast headed our way
With the coldest temps yet this year!!! Now for a bunch of you that have experienced
Horribly Cold weather I feel for you, I myself HATE it
*Last year we had lots of ice storms and snow and COLD*
But this year has been awesome in fact the end of last week was in the high 70's
That is right I was outside on my deck, barefoot and no jacket on WHAT a TEASE!!!!
So I suppose in the next 24 Hours everything is going to turn around for us here
and my trees are budding DARN it!!!!!
Have a Wonderful Monday Friends


  1. You sound like me Brenda! I've had a few very early morningsand one all nighter since I've had this dang head cold! Worked quietly on a few things so hub could sleep-until the coughing wouldn't quit!!! Did you find your needle? LOL
    Hope the bad weather misses your area-trees are budding?!
    Have a great week. Love your bunny and hearts giveaway.

  2. Oh I hope I win! It would be a great 61st birthday present! Yep today is my birthday. I did a lot of crafting over the weekend. My sinus is not the greatest though!

  3. Did I see the words No Jacket, Bare Feet, and Budding? I'm jealous!
    Winter Storm Conner is moving in for the next 3 day! Yeah!
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  4. Yep, Winter Storm is headed to Ohio!
    Ice, snow, cold, yuk!
    enjoy your day

  5. Way too early for me, lol.
    Our trees are not going to bud, they are bending from all the snow on them. And more to come, ugh.



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