Monday, January 31, 2011

Surviving The winter Storms

I thought this would be fun let me share a couple of stories with you
YES they are TRUE!!
I have been reading blogs this evening for a little while as I am preparing dinner
and I wanted to share a Couple of True Winter Storm Survivals I have been through.
I see so many preparing for the worse, in case the weather does get bad
LOL ok ok when it gets bad I am still hoping here LOL
It is suppose to be in the night when ours arrives
As long as I am looking at all of your beautiful pictures of it LOL

about 10 years ago we experienced one of the worst Ice Storms
I managed a store and I was the only one that could get to work in it
And since that convience store was the only one in town that still had power.
and all of the out of state trucks needed fuel we had to be open, yes they pulled like 4 states into Oklahoma
to get the power back on, At home we were without power for over a week
and oh my word you could not even touch the furniture in our house it was ice cold
We had a fireplace and bunked down on a pallet in the floor in front of it at night time.
We were total electric but we owned on old mobile home that the hot water tank was propane and yes we still had some in the tank so we would take a propane blower over to it light it for heat and take a shower at night......and all I can say is I learned how to dry off and get dressed Extremely Fast LOL

My second story is even worse
about 7 years ago we made a move well the next day we were suppose to have our poles and power lines run to our property......NO didn't happen, that morning I had to rush my hubby to the hospital and there we stayed for 48 hours. So when I called to have the electric rescheduled it took them over 6 weeks to come out YEP a small rural company we were in the country!!!!
All we had was a wood burning stove, no wood mind you, ice on the ground and frigid temps outside, So with coveralls on yep I sported a lovely look for a long time LOL
we would go and pick up broken branches on the side of the road and dry them to use for firewood, no chain saw.......this is where I learned how to handle a chop saw Very well I might add LOL

Now we had no water because we had not ran our water lines yet
I may add here we bought more bottled water!!!!!!
I drank alot of coffee I would fix my coffee in a sauce pan on the cooker and let the grounds boil down then I would strain it and Yes you still got grounds let's just say you learn how to sip coffee like that and when you are done with a cup......add some hot water can drink it again ROFLOL
All I had was a one burner camp stove to cook on and I bought non perishable foods like the chicken and rice etc. we had an ice chest for milk and stuff but we lived REAL simple. We would heat our water in a cast iron dutch oven on the wood stove
But hey we had a mind you this was when survivor was just out
We had a small 9 inch tv......there was a hole *get this* where a gas line to an old heater use to come into the mobile home LOL a Heater that no longer existed!!!
Anyway through that hole we ran a electric cord and wired it to a car battery for electric now you can only use this so much or the battery goes dead
WE had a special light bulb and a socket wired up for the battery too for light
DIM Light
When we watched survivor that season my hubby would say those women on there have nothing on could win that show LOL

I thought it would be fun to hear some of your stories so please do comment and share
make them as long as they need to be
And above all do stay Warm and be prepared for this horrific winter storm coming in
Big Hugs Friends


  1. Ok so I stand to be corrected by hubby the first storm was 13 years ago and the second was like 10 years ago........gee where have the years gone to LOL

  2. I also need to add that we got like 3 batteries from hubbies job so we could change them out and he would charge them at work to reuse. Oh this story could of been so much longer LOL

  3. All I have to say is,
    I loved reading your stories.

  4. I'm so fortunate that I've never been in any storms where the electricity has been out for a significant amount of time. Of course, now that I say that, it'll happen - lol. Not good now that we are at 40 below zero with wind chill.

  5. Brenda,

    Our worst storm came in early fall with the name of Hurricane Isabelle. She came with lots of rain and very high winds. We lost power for 5 days. Losing power in the country meant that you also lost your water as we had a well and you need power to pump the water. Needless to say that in a house full of males it wasn't a pretty site. Lucky for us, the house was down from the well so we managed to get a 5 gal bucket of water to ummm...flush down the toilet. We had an inverter which we were able to hook up to our trucks battery to run the refrigerator and deep freeze to keep things fresh. I painted by daylight and candle light at night. It was the beginning of the craftshow season and I needed to get things done. We were able to come to my hubby's mothers to shower but couldn't stay there as I had to work at home.

    Our other bad storm came the day our middle son was born. We had just moved into the house in the country a few months before. The day was hot and bad t-storms were predicted. When I was delivering the child, the lights flickered on and off in the hospital with the back up generator kicking in. The hubby went home later that night...he couldn't get down the 800 ft. country lane because of all the downed trees. The tops of 70 yr old white pines were sheared off at the top. Not a single tree hit the house, but the hubbys little pick up was buried under one. It was confirmed that a small tornado went through Sparks Valley that day. Thankfully. 2 days later when we brought home our second bundle of joy, we were able to drive down our driveway as the neighbors and family had cleared it so I wouldn't have to walk down it.

    Snowstorms don't last long here. We may get dumped on with lots of snow, but it eventually melts and goes away. We are close enough to a major grocery to walk if we have to and there is a convenience store within walking distance too.

    So to everyone in the path of the storm and it's a huge one from what I heard, affecting 2100 miles, stay safe and warm.


  6. Hi Brenda
    Is'nt it amazing what we can do when we are met with such challenges, and yet you hit every one head on.. What a gal!

  7. Thank you ladies for commenting. You know I never complained and was not unhappy with things, and it was rough, but I do believe I could live like this if I ever had to.

  8. I think I remember that ice storm back 13 years ago, we had that one up here in Ontario too! Let me tell you that 9 months after that one there were alot of babies born, lol. e had that blackout back in 2003 I think it was in the August when all the power grids went out and we were left without power for almost a week, we used our woodstove to boil water and cook and there were lineups at the grocery stores and gas stations as everyone was trying to get gas for their generators. We survived that very hot and humid week without air conditioners and my son was on a feeding tube pump which we had to recharge with our coverter, and yes since we live in the country with a well, we use a pump for the water... I was really wishing we had an outhouse with 7 people in the house, lol. The storm you are about to get is heading up here Tuesday night and it looks like my kids will be getting a snow day from school, which is very rare for us Canucks! I hope you stay safe and warm and take it easy!


  9. I don't have any stories like that since we don't get weather that bad and we don't live in a small Town but I am reading with fascination. And I say where there is a will there is a way. It would have been very hard, you made it sound almost fun and romantic, lol.
    Just take care everyone if you DO get hit by this bad weather that is forcast for you.

  10. I've been in plenty of hurricanes but the longest without power to the house was only 3 days. AND we had a generator! I have NOTHING on your, Brenda! You RULE!
    Stay safe!
    Vicky :0)

  11. Wow, Brenda! What stories!! Hang tough as I hear you're getting pounded with snow right now!!

  12. Back in January of 2002 we had a ice storm, and we lost power. We do own a generator so with a small old TV, oil lamp and candles, we watched the super bowl, while my son ran to a friends house that had power. Nothing is better then camping in your own kitchen.

  13. WOW! Loved your stories...Thanks for sharing. Be warm and keep safe!

  14. Loved reading your stories Brenda. I can relate, when I was growing up back in the 70's my family lived in an old old house that had only a wood stove for heat. I can remember loosing power a lot in the winter or maybe it was due to my parents not paying the electric bill. They did that alot. Well us kids would huddle around the stove and I can remember mom using it to heat soup for us for dinner. There were times when we had no running water both in summer and winter. That house was so old it only had a hand dug well, so it would dry up. I can remember the national guard bring a tank truck in for us to have water, but we had to use pots to bring in the house. In todays world kids have no idea how hard their parents work to give them everything. I think it made me a stronger person to have gone through some of the things I experienced as a child. Oh, and I love watching survior, sometimes I think I could do what they go thru but then I think I like the comforts I have now. lol =) Thanks for sharing!
    Stay safe, they really do say it's a bad one this time.

  15. Hopefully Brenda you will not have a story to tell about this year but...they way the weather has been!?!
    Stay warm.

  16. Brenda,
    So enjoyed your"Storm Stories"
    I will have to come back & read more of the comments!
    keep safe & warm!

  17. Loved your stories. I have none to compare but thank you for sharing yours.


  18. It is true we can do what we have to do. Trish


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