Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hurry I Need a Doctor in the House

Made ya rush on over didn't I?
You thought I hurt myself again didn't you?

I need a Sewing Macine Medic and QUICK dad Gum it All!!!!!
So I go to sew today and my macine is bogging down sounds like
your car would if it were not getting enough gas to the carborator LOL
kinda Like
Ok you get the picture so I take it apart
*Oh trust me this is not my first go around with a sewing machine*
Clean it all up oil it *and YES I oil it on a regular basis*
Nothing did not help
It is sewing making a beautiful stitch just not getting no juice
so it took me three hours to sew what would of taken me maybe 30 minutes
YEP you got I AM NOT A HAPPY CAMPER right now
So Hubby is almost home and he says he will look at it but seems to
think the motor is dying WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This can't happen to me not now this darn machine is less then two years old

But my sweet Daddy used to tell me
*you put more miles on a sewing machine then most people do on the life of a Car*

So now I own 4 yes count those fingers FOUR broken sewing machines
So hubby says to put a couple in the shop well the one that is going is my husky
Oh how I miss that machine
Mean while........I guess I can sew slow???????????? GRRRRRR
so pray for my sewing machine LOL
Cause if something doesn't start working right soon you are going to have to
Big hugs out in Blog land I could sure use some right now
Yes I have even broke down in tears a few times today
Dinner is almost ready will let you know the outcome


  1. OH NO Brenda - there is nothing worse than a sewing machine on the blink! Hope your dearest hubby can work some magic and get it moving again! Good luck

  2. BIG HUG!!!!
    A tear usually helps me>>just let it out!!! There I feel better do ya?

    And I am sending prayers to the sewing machine that you don't harm it!LOL

    and prayers to you be patient, you can slow down>>right!

    Go eat something good like chocolate, let us know the outcome!
    Good luck!
    Another BIG HUG!!!!

  3. Good evening, Brenda,
    Oh dear, this is horrible news. I can so relate to what you are going through. Remember my post about my Viking? Right...pretty frustrating...

    Good luck ~Natalie

  4. Not Good! I'm actually thinking of NOT oiling mine so it quits and I can get a new one - mine is 20 years old and I'd like a new one! ~Ann

  5. You are too cute! Got my attention, for sure.

    We are in a blizzard literally right now ... YippEE!

    Have a wonderful day ~
    TTFN ~

  6. GOT MY ATTENTION!!!!! What a cute way to describe a horrific tragedy. I am praying for you Both! Let us know if your sewing machine has to go into I.C.U.!!!!

  7. I feel your Pain. I would rather the car didn't work.
    I do have a back up sewing machine. That one needs a major cleaning and tune up.
    Good luck! I would lend you my back up if I could.

  8. Awww...sorry to hear your machineis giving you a fit. Hope it keeps going til you get another fixed.


  9. WHew....all I could think of was that you'd hurt your finger again!!!! :o)


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