Monday, November 15, 2010

SPECIAL Price & Good News

Ok so this news is that I still have my sales pages up and will continue to take orders for  few days. I have like 4 of these in different colors etc. listed on the blog
Two of which say SOLD........but they aren't the Lady decided not to get them
so if you would be interested in any of them I will mark the price down to $20.00 each on these just email me to purchase my email is in the left top corner of my blog
Here is the link to my sale ****CLICK HERE****

Now I know here is that Gross picture again

NO METAL yay!!!!! see the skin at the bottom of my finger that looks like it is over my finger nail........well my skin has decided to grow up the side of my nail GROSS it is like pushing your cuticle back but DANG it hurts because of the injury LOL
I got the skin pushed back and am now not in pain, as much damage as I did it is just going to be tender until it heals up all the way
clean clean clean it blah blah blah.........oh the joy!!!!
SO there by the way it looks great not like the day I did it at all but I am not going to take the bandage off to show you, sorry I am sewing up a storm here
Ok I have business to take care of have a wonderful day bloggers!!


  1. It is a shame that she didn't want them, you snowman is wonderful. I hope you finger heals soon, not a good time to have hand pain.


  2. Glad the finger is on the mend and NO metal!!

  3. Everytime I see that I shudder! OUCH! Glad it's healing though.

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Awww...too bad that she backed out of the sale. Maybe she will change her mind again and come back and get them. I am trying to be good and not buy too much more cause I gotta start Christmas shopping and this kinda stuff isn't exactly the presents the boys would enjoy....they want, techno gadgets and games! LOL!

    Glad there was no metal and that your finger feels somewhat better. I keep telling you that some rest will do it good, but I guess you're too busy for that, huh?


  5. So glad to hear there is no metal! Sorry, but I can't look at your picture...that looks so painful and I am such a wimp!

  6. Also,glad no infection.. take care of that pointer and slow down a bit..We will wait and you know it.. Things can't always go as we planned no matter how hard we try..

  7. That finger sure looks painful! Hope it heals soon!

  8. Yay, so glad there's no metal in there. Hope it continues to heal and will feel back to normal soon.

  9. Yay, no metal!! You'll sell those Snowmen in no time!!


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