Friday, November 19, 2010

My Little Helper

See My Shadow she follows me everywhere we play Swap the Chair LOL
Just had to get the full shot here!!
My day consists of jumping from one chair to another to get my work done
3 Chairs in all and this is our routine. I get out of one and she jumps in it, then the other and so on. I laugh so hard at her she stands on them and looks at me. Now she is looking at me while I am sitting in my soft padded office chair, it is her favorite one
" Mommy come over here so I can go over there "
I love my little Helper so much

Shelby has her own basket of washcloths every time she comes inside after being out we have to wash her paws and that MUG oh my goodness it is dirty once again!!

OK So I am sharing Ornament #10
Because Ornaments #11 and #12 are going to be special ones that will not be posted until The 28th of November. If you have not yet signed up
I will announce all the Winners on December the First
The Last two will be Special Ones!!
Have a Great day Back to Work for me I have boxes to pack and Items to finish


  1. LoL....I have a little helper too!!! Pursie, my cat sits on my thread ALL THE TIME! Aren't pets great? Like little children...

  2. Hi Brenda
    I love this ornament... and Shelby.. What a face.. I have a soft spot for Schnauzers. Mr. Niles blessed me with his sweet self for 11 years.. I know have two poodles that also fill my heart with joy.

  3. Every time you post a new ornie I double check to make sure I did, in fact, sign up for this wonderful giveaway! I'd hate to miss out on the chance to win. Your stuff is awesome.

  4. Your dog is adorable.I have 2 a border collie and westie, Dogs are so precious.

    Happy weekend!

  5. OMG what a little princess she is.......I don't know what I would do without my studio assistant.....Colby!!! Oh and sometimes Mr. Maximus to as I call him! I need to win those ornaments......can you be bribed??????? LMBO you know on Cape Cod...summertime.....drinks on deck.....great craft room/studio.......LMBO!

  6. I so love your little helper Brenda!! I have one of those too. He sits in his bed on my desk, or in my lap. He follows me every where I go and I just love him to pieces. The big guy is getting old and has realized that I will come back, so he doesn't follow me as much as he use to.

    I just love all your ornaments and what a wonderfully generous giveaway!

  7. She is definitely a cute little helper, love that face.
    Love your newest ornament and can't wait to see the others.


  8. Oh my goodness, I can't keep up with you Brenda, but I know Shelby can... LOL. She sure is as cute as a button.

  9. Why thank you everyone *I know we all love our furry kids. Back to work now.

  10. Shelby's so cute...dirty and all!! I have two small shadows that follow me around as well...zoey
    (1) a chocolate cocker and molly
    (4) a cockapoo....they are certainly my babies....sometimes I can't seem to get any work done because they want attention...worse than kids sometimes!! Have a great weekend Brenda! Happy looooove the snowman ornie!!
    patti ;)

  11. oh your Shelby is adorable..we have to do the same thing to our stinky puppy..he knows the routine too.;) have a great weekend.;)

  12. Brenda,

    So are you still sitting in Shelby's favorite chair? LOL! Love the new ornie.


  13. Shelby is so adorable!
    enjoy the day,

  14. You already know how much I love your Shelby !She is precious ! Love the new ornament .Hope your day has been wonderful . Hugs,Jen

  15. Shelby is so cute and adorable!! I have a Yorkie and she takes my chair every time I get up too. Love the new ornament.

  16. What an adorable assistant. I'm sure it a great comfort to know that Shelby wants to be where you are. The snowman ornament is just awesome. You must let me know what size tree I will be needing to put all my ornaments that I win on. WINK WINK...Thanks for sharing Brenda

  17. Brenda, she is adorable. I sat here laughing at the expression on her face.LOL I wish I could have an indoor pet but my allergies won't allow it. Going to post your ornament, Valerie

  18. She is stinkin' cute.. OMG,, how do you get anything accomplished?? Love all your work..

  19. Shelby is adorable and YOU are amazing!! My fingers are crossed so tight I'm cutting off my blood circulation!


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