Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have a Date Tomorrow LOL

Not a Romantic Date not a Dinner Date not a good date at all!
OH you are going to love this one!!!
I took my bandage off today to let my finger Breathe well it starting hurting really bad!!
The outside of the finger is painful to touch feels funny too, now this was the exit point of the drill bit. So I have hubby feel of it this evening when he got home from work, and he tells me that in the morning *when he can see to find it* he is going to get his magnet out to see if there is possibly a piece of metal in my finger. Because it feels like it is right there you know what I mean close to the surface!!
If there is any in it??? We get to go have it cut out OH YAY!!!!!!!!! So pray for my Finger LOL!! Really do ok!!!
If there appears to be no metal in it and it is still painful by Monday I will
be going to the doctor to let them check it out GRRRRR

This is just what I need, but hey I have learned how to work without it
*well with the finger guard stuck up in the air*
So it seems it is not a good idea to not wear my guard, I guess it did not help that I cleaned my work area today and did laundry all day long as well
hmmm my if my mother was here she would of lectured me LOL


  1. wow Brenda...hope there is no metal from the drill bit!!....feel better.

  2. I sure hope your finger is ok and not infected.


  3. Brenda,
    You should have been soaking this finger! Boric acid and very warm water. You still can! Darn it!
    I sure hope there is no metal in it but if it is tender like that, you just may have some infection. Is it warm/hot to the touch? Get to soaking it. You can use epsom salts if you don't have boric acid but boric acid is best.
    I will pray for you, silly girl. :)

  4. sure hope you feel better hubby had something similar and we ended up in the emergency room for 12 hours and had to have minor please get to the doctor if it still hurts that much...hugs

  5. Sure hope there is no metal in there!
    Sure hopr it feels better soon!

  6. Well I am going to give you that lecture.LOL You had better get to the doctor and make sure there is no infection in there. You should have gotten a tetanus shot. (don't know how to spell that word.)LOL
    I will be praying that there is nothing serious wrong with your finger but get to the doctor!!! Prim Hugs, Valerie

  7. Yes, you should let the doc take a look at it. Better to be safe than sorry and we can't have you getting any worse:)

  8. OoOOOooOoOhHhHhhHHhhHh Brenda sweetie yikessss ! Will be sayin' a prayer for your poor lil finger ! Bless your heart ! Not a good time of the year to have such an injury....Keep us updated on how things are going sweetie...

  9. Hey,
    This doesn't sound good? Praying for a healing here.. Darn..

  10. Oh Brenda! I hope your finger is feeling better and that there isn't any metal in there!!

  11. Brenda, I hope you are feeling better really soon! I will keep you in my prayers.
    Prim Blessings and Lots of Hugs your way,
    Tricia XOXOX

  12. My goodness Brenda - I would think it should be feeling a bit better by now, so it is a good idea to get it checked out! Hope you will be on your way to healing very soon.

  13. OUCH! Sending well wishes your way. Keep us posted. Hopefully your next entry will be all about how much better your finger is doing.

  14. I wish I could give you a HAND......LMBO but I think it best you see the Dr. and not take any chances with an infection.


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