Saturday, November 27, 2010


Friday I got to see my kiddo's and today I got to see my youngest.
Please excuse the funny pictures, seems the only ones that turned out for me were these three. My camera decided to work about every 5 pictures that I took I do believe it is going to go out soon
So Santa Baby Best be bringing me a new one
You know when your mom used to say you make that face and it will stay that way
36 and still a Clown
My Oldest Son
My daughter got several pictures and she will be sending them to me I will share because there are some great ones
My Daughter

And my Grandson He is so GREAT

We met at IHop so they could get right back on the interstate to head to Dallas
When they came in we had an emotional FAMILY hug that lasted a long time with a lot of tears!! It is so hard being so far away and not seeing your Kiddo's for along time
Then today we had a family get together and I have a picture to share with you
*I have three children and my hubby has three children*
Only one of his got to come today but this picture is left to right
Our Son In Law, my Step Daughter, my hubby, my youngest son, and me
By this time I was a bit frazzled it has been a full two days for me lots of cooking
lots of sewing and get togethers and I am WORN out
We could not find anyone to keep Shelby so she had to attend todays event also
She hates crowds and lots of noise so she was a wreck all day long LOL
But the youngins loved her

She just wanted out of that cage LOL
So I just got everything put away the dishwasher loaded and I think this head will hit the pillow EARLY tonight


  1. You have a BEAUTIFUL family. Now when I see your work I can put a face with it. You are so beautiful and tiny!!!!! You are very blessed to have a wonderful family and a 36yr. old son, sorry you DON'T look like you have a son that age. Thanks for sharing alittle of your life with some us us that follow you faithfully!!!! I LOVE your blog!

    Prim Blessings Friend,

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day spent with your beautiful family.


  3. I have a son that is 38. He's a goofball, too. They go to great lengths to make us smile, don't they?
    My other son is 36 and the baby, Sara, is 33. I know what it is like to have them be so far away and being so hard to get together.
    You do look great and far too young to have adult children!
    Now, when I look at my Rusty Thimble goodies, I will be able to see your face and they will mean that much more to me.
    BTW~ How is the finger?

  4. Sounds like a great time with your family, Brenda. Glad you posted a pic of yourself too....I pictured you with dark hair...You look great!
    patti ;)

  5. What sweet comments the cute burnette is my step daughter the old worn out one the blonde is me, the hair is colored to cover the GRAY LOL!!
    OH if it were close up enough you would see the age spots the wrinkles and all of that stuff I am proud of!! I took my glasses off in the picture I look much better with them on!!
    I am in my mid 50's, girls yep old enough !!!!

  6. OH yeah Linda they are so special. My finger.....well since the thing that I thought was metal ended up being a long piece of finger nail that was spiraled ?? from the drill bit and it just came out of my finger a couple of days ago it is extremely sore. But healing well. I am still cleaning it soaking it and keeping it wrapped up. Notice that bandaide in the photo LOL

  7. I'm glad you got to see your family after so long. You have a beautiful family and your grandson is a cutie! Last but not least ......glad to see a picture of you!!!!! I had all kinds of visions dancing in my head of you.......LMBO!!!!!!!!You are very pretty! I'm sure you are exhausted after all the festivities.......looks like Kevin did a good job.....LMBO!

  8. Hi, Brenda,
    I'm so glad you got to spend the holiday with your family...I loved seeing your pictures.

    Have a great Sunday ~Natalie

  9. Brenda~ How wonderful you got to spend time with your family.Isn't it amazing how even if it's been a few years when your with loved ones everything just falls at ease.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. Sounds like you had some great times with family! Hopefully Shelby has recovered from all the excitement by now :0)

  11. Brenda,

    Love the picture of your son being goofy! LOL! He knows that his momma loves him no matter! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the rest of your family and yourself with us. I'll second what Lynn said...I had images of what you looked like in my head I have a pretty face match up with your name. Glad you were able to spend some time with your family even if it was brief. Your grandson is a cutie too.


    ps...give lil' Shelby a hug for being so patient with her humans.

  12. Lovely pictures Brenda, thanks so much for sharing them and I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Deb

  13. Oh yeh, I've got a few of those goofy faced photos too from my kids, and I remember doing those goofy poses when I was a youngster too and catchin' heck from it.
    Aww, poor Shelby. My kitties are like that too when people come around. Too noisy!
    So glad ya got to spend a little time with the kids though during this hustle bustle of the holidays.


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