Thursday, November 25, 2010

LOOK at This Christmas Tree

First off Happy Thanksgiving to you all
I hope your day was filled with lots of great food, wonderful Things to be Thankful for
And Family and Happiness
Read on to View a Wonderful Tree Full of Handmade ornaments

Next I am HAVING A THANKSGIVINGSALE yes a Black Friday sale that will run until The 30th of November just check out my Etsy shop for 15% savings
When you check out all you have to do is type in
THANKSGIVINGSALE to get your discount

And now for The TREE
Oh my word ok so on my last sale I had a customer order some ornies from me
And she has posted about her tree

OH MY WORD isn't it just LOVELY Mandy your tree is AMAZING
and here are a couple of ornies she pictured that she purchased from me

I just love seeing Pictures from Customers Mandy liked her ornies so much
she purchased more from me today THANK you Mandy
Ok so my Cooking starts tomorrow *After I get home from seeing my kiddo's*
Winter came in with a big cold bang today in Oklahoma, after having temps in the 70's the past few days this windy 30 degree stuff is for the BIRDS Yuck LOL
Have a Great Evening Friends


  1. awwww well thank you so much Brenda! Glad you like it! and oh boy your ornies are just too awesome not to pass up...and having multiples of the same (like me lol) is even better!

    and i cant say enough times how much that cute little santa makes me giggle/chuckle...i love him! lol

    anyone looking for some really fabulous handmade ornies, i will definately be sending them your way as well. i have to be honest and say that i have never purchased ornies (just done swaps) til i saw yours! and then once i got them, i just had to have more!

    hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving and be thankful it wasnt 18 degrees like it was here today...brrrrr!

  2. What a beautiful tree and your ornies looks beautiful on it.


  3. It is a beautiful tree. Makes me kind of wish we still had a big tree. Naw.....I like ours to be little and easy to put away! :)
    It is gorgeous though!

  4. That's a festive tree! I know what Mandy means about having to have more of your dollies.
    We still have rain here in Ohio and colder tomorrow.
    Enjoy your family visits Brenda:)

  5. Lucky girl Mandy...and her tree is awesome!

    Your ornies are adorable Brenda - your work is incredible...such talent.


  6. Glad you had some family time and know it must be so good. It just goes too fast. Her tree is outrageously gorgeous.. Wow..
    Rest now,


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